Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And it just kept getting better and better - not! Part 2

Our weekend could not be contained in just one post! So here is part 2 of my adventure.

Saturday was overcast with cold winds blowing. We had decided that "Easter" would occur on Saturday since the kids were going home on Sunday. Lady Bug has had some quirky illnesses this school year, so she shouldn't miss more school. Our district would like to start school again two weeks after it lets out in May, but the state made them wait until late August. They took a lot of the holidays away this year to meet the state mandate, and that included the Monday after Easter.

The guys went to the metropolis of Doss on Saturday to get deer feed. That metropolis consists of a church, cemetery, store, school, and a community club building. All occupied by distant family members of mine. The joke was that we would all load up to go because they have the world best hamburgers there! But we didn't.

While they were gone, I put the kites for the older kids together. In doing so, I really made a mess of Lady Bug's. I haven't put a kite together in 20 years. They are so much more simpler now. I ended up cutting the string, so I had to unravel it all. Of course, as I was taking it back in, it would snarl. What a mess!

After lunch, the "eggs" were hidden by the barn/garage. The pinata was ready to hang. Out we went. Daughter must have bought the industrial strength pinata. It took a beating and kept ticking! They finally broke it (before it broke our lights out there), and we got the kites out.

Monkey Boy enjoyed his well enough. He was a typical boy and kept letting the string out more and more. We have the perfect site for kite flying. It is void of trees and everything else. Lady Bug was more conservative in her kite flying, and she kept hers up a long time after Monkey gave up.

His giving up on the kite gave the "big kids" a chance. They were like little kids. They had not flown kites since they were kids and enjoyed it as much as their children.

The day continued being drab and winds. The temperatures were around the low 60's all day. The weather forecast looked like we weren't going to get the predicted strong storms. So we all went to bed not expecting anything.

About 2:20 AM, the power went out. The winds were gusting to 50 mph I'm sure. I looked out the window, and the moon was shining brightly. That was strange. No lights which would indicate stormy weather, but a clear sky.

About 30 minutes later, the storm hit. We ended up with only 1/2 inch rain, but there was quite a light display with the accompanying sound effects.

Before the power came back on, with it being so quiet, I could hear Simone's stomach. I know she is really afraid of thunder storms, but I didn't think it would cause all that. At 5 AM she HAD to go out. Husband wasn't a happy camper - at all.

Sunday morning we got up. I gave her meds (for acid reflux), and she immediately began exhibiting her "pre-vomit" activity. Sure enough there she went. We got to minister to a sick dog all day.

I was really happy that she finally got over her being sick, but because she was doing so well, Monday meant stopping in the Capitol City to visit mother-in-law. Before you get on me, I really don't think she enjoys our visits any more than we do. The silence is deafening. All parties are searching for conversation topics. She has never cared that much for husband and definitely his family. She is there with the "chosen," so she is happy as a tick.

But we are home. Things are all back to normal. If I can get my schedule settled down, Simone will be heading to the vet. She may have a UTI. She just needs to be checked.

So there you have it. Parts 1 and 2!



Judy said...

Well at least your weekend wasn't boring.

I don't blame Simone--I get a stomach ache when we have a thunder storm too--the noise scares me and I cower in the corner. I live in a manufactured home and I am always afraid it is going to get blown away. Wish I had a basement to hide in. Hope Simone is all right.

Grandma K said...

Our house there is a manufactured home as well. I keep telling myself that since we boosted the construction of it and had it welded to the foundation we will be OK. I can dream, can't I?

I wish we had basements more in Texas. Here in Swampland, we would hit the water table before we got one built. When we put the pool in, it was to be 9 feet deep. We hit water.

At the SSB, we have solid rock 18 inches below the surface which meant a really fancy septic system!