Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wasting time

Here I sit. I had two different people set to come to the house today. One, who has already been here, as I expected, was to close up little openings that the squirrels have gnawed to get into the attic. And some people find them so cute. They are nothing but rats with fluffy tails. I really don't like them at all. They have cost me a bundle over the years.

The other is Sal*ation Army to pick up our old "entertainment center." Not really much of one, but it was really serviceable. I didn't realize just how much it held until we were getting the obsolete video tapes out of it. Now I have piles and piles of them sitting around.

The entertainment center was replaced by the new fancy flat screen. I thought daughter would take it, but they decided against it. I told her it would be a great place for Doodle Bug to put her toys in. She has the biggest bedroom (but she still sleeps with mom and dad).

They thought it was too big. They were going to help me load it to take to a center. That was at least a month and a half ago. But . . . So there is sat beside my fireplace blocking one way to get to the front door.

So here I sit waiting.

But it's just as well. I am working on my newest addiction - downloading machine embroidery files. I have about 200 that I need to go through to change the format if needed and put into folders where I might find them again. I bought a new program to help with that. It said it went through 10000 files. It said some of those were duplicates however. (Yes, I have an addictive personality.)

I also am hurting today - a lot. The weather is muggy and threatening rain, so that may be part of the problem. The other is I made my foray to the grocery store yesterday. I had to make the entire store. I am so out of shape that I am really paying for it today. At least those things must be the problem.

We are getting ready to make the pilgrimage to the SSB tomorrow. I found kites for the older kids since the winds always blow up there. We don't have the anemometer installed yet, so I don't know the exact speed, but it is usually a gale! We'll see how that goes. Their mom just called and said she had gotten the pinata for them so there is something different this year.

I guess we are set. So Happy Easter - or Passover or whatever!


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Judy said...

I hope you have a good time at SSB--it will probably be noisy and crowded with the grandkids and everyone sitting down for Easter dinner. But...that is the way it is supposed to be--I guess.

You will be glad to get home and back to peace and quietude :-)