Friday, January 30, 2015

Of course - the weekend is nigh!

That's a cryptic title!  What I mean is that of course now since it is the weekend, my ears are filling with fluid. And by Monday, they will probably be ok.  It's what happened last week, and I was really kind of worried because we were being accepted back into membership at Messiah.  I could just see me having to really hear something.

Of course, it isn't good for tonight either.  We are going with the church group that meets once a month to go out to dinner.  I will really enjoy conversation tonight!  With background noises AND ears that are occluded.  Fun, fun!

I finally got one of the embroidered tiaras that are so popular today made yesterday.  I will post a picture tomorrow.  This is the item that sold immediately at the show in December, and I haven't had a chance to make more.  But that won't be a problem soon.  I WILL find a machine I can take with us!

I don't know if this computer is really being ugly or what, but every time I try to move embroidery designs from it to a USB stick to go to the embroidery computer.  I thought that the big one just sat on the table too long, so I used one that I use all the time.  The designs went on the stick with ease.  When I to the other computer, where it has been used a lot, I got the message that the computer was trying to find the drivers.  If it's not one thing - it's another!!!

So the trials of this Grandma!


Sally said...

I hear ya - if it's not one thing it's another.

Sorry that your ears have fluid, hope though that you'll be able to enjoy tonight with your friends.

Feel better soon! I'm looking forward to seeing the tiara!


MartiDIY said...

Any time I start feeling bad, it's usually on a Friday evening. I hope you enjoy tonight anyway.


i used to love to embroider. then I got lazy and gave all my thread needles and hoops away and now I wish I had them..could embroider stuff for the gg's.

Judy said...

My Tinnitus is really loud tonight--don't know why--maybe low pressure coming in?

When it comes to computers, they seem to have a mind of their own and it just never ends.