Monday, January 05, 2015


Once again, my plans were changed.  I planned to post all through the weekend.  Well - that didn't happen.  Bu t with this one there will be some pictures.

But looking for pictures, I was going to download pictures from the card in the Kodak.  Guess what.  There was no card in the Kodak.  I took it out so G could test his blasted game camera. When he tested it and found his card was ok, he put mine in a place I wouldn't put it.  I forgot about that and didn't immediately put it back.  I will have to go on a search and seizure mission today, but I will bet it is gone, gone, gone.

Now my excuses reasons for not posting.  Friday I decided that there was no way in this world that I could ever get any projects completed in the craft room(s).  I had ended up practically throwing things around up there.  So I went up and began cleaning.

I vacuumed as I went, and I noticed one of the little thingies that covers the foot of the ironing board was off.  I was trying to not get it.  I mean the vacuum will leave a scrap of fabric there forever.  But as you probably guessed it gobbled up the little rubber thingy.

So I stopped the machine.  The foot thingy was in the top container of the machine.  I had  remove all the extraneous filters and stuff.  THEN - as fate would have it (of course!!) - I couldn't reassemble the filters.  At that point I took them to clean out all the dust, and the foam filter has been drying all this time.  Probably well dried by now.  I just haven't had time to go back up.

Saturday is a complete blank.  I seriously do not know what I did that took the entire day.  Probably computer cr@p.  I AM bad about that!  Unless I cleaned on Saturday.  Which, looking back, was probably what happened since my friend couldn't get Krissi on the phone to deliver the hand warmers to her.  Being retired, at least to me, makes one day almost like another.  You just have witnessed my brain really (not)  working, and I am to lazy to go back and edit this.

Yesterday was a fun day.  We went way south of here to another little town around the Houston area.  We went to Pearland for Katie to participate in a water polo camp.  It will determine if she makes the area team or not - which she is most likely a shoe in for.

In addition to being with my daughter and Karrington, we have relatives living in the area.  So we got to visit with them which doesn't happen often.  Once a year at family reunions!  It was a fun day.

I knew I was tired when I got home.  In fact, even with a huge diet Coke in my hands on the trip home, I was about to fall asleep while Krissi and I were talking.  I did fall asleep on the couch, but when I got to bed finally - naturally I didn't//couldn't fall asleep.

So I started reading.  I got closer and closer to the end of the book, so I continued to read.  I read until right after mid-night.  This morning it was 10 when I woke, and that was only because the phone rang to remind me of my retinal appointment to get my eyeball punctured again for this month!

Today, Katie is coming to help take down the yard art, and I am hoping to get some time spent upstairs again.  I still have gifts from Christmas to finish!

But to the pictures.  One is from Thanksgiving and the others from the New Year's ice storm.  We in this area aren't used to this kind of stuff.  We were house bound for 48 hours because our decks were frozen over!
Krissi and the three boxers at Thanksgiving.  Seven two legged folks, three boxers, and one cat (who stayed in the master bedroom beause the dog looking at the camera is the one we wanted to adopt, but she likes cats a little too much,  Of course it's MY dog getting the most attention.

This is a mountain that is only a mile away.  The fog was always so thick that we often couldn't see G's sister's house that is midway between the mountain and our house.

The view from the utility room door.  I did have a mat there and ended up putting old towels on the steps so we could take Clyde out for his "needs."  The ice was from mostly fog!  The temperature stayed at 28 for 24 hours - which I know  isn't cold for some, but for us and for 24 hours straight!  Wow!


Marti said...

You sound like me. I never know what the date is and I'm doing good to know what day of the week it is. The holidays really messed up my thinking as I kept thinking it was Sunday.

Your dogs are great! I love how the two of them are cuddled with Krissi.

I hadn't heard of your ice either. That is cold for your area. I'm glad we missed it.

Sally Crowe said...

We're supposed to be at 28 either Weds or Thurs morning. We're not used to that either!

That's a sweet picture of Krissi and the dogs. :)

Sometimes, I'll be reading a book at night and nearly finished; that's when I fall asleep in my chair and can't wake up enough to get in my bed (which is right NEXT to my chair!). Then, the next night I have re-read about 50 pages that I didn't apprehend.

I sure hope you find that "thing" for your camera without the pics being lost.


Judy said...

We have ice on our trees--also mostly from the misty fog. Very cold up here, but, I haven't been out in 4 days so I haven't had to experience it. :-) Loce the pictures of the pups and Krissi

Jeanette said...

We're getting a cold snap this week too and I hope it doesn't last. It's also been icy the last two days. I have to go to work so I can't sit in the house and ignore it, but I'm used to it so it doesn't bother me!