Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The "eye" day for the "i"

Today was the day for the retinal specialist and THE injection.  Whoopie!

I am having a worse time getting back to normal today than normal.  Both eyes were dilated so that he could do a retinal exam.  Each month, they do a scan that maps the retinas, but occasionally he does a visual check also, and today was the day.

The assistant did such a good job of numbing the eye for the injection that I am not sure all the betadine  got washed out.  Of course, the whole procedure is irritating to the eyes anyway!!

So I have not really gotten anything accomplished today.  I really need to go to the grocery store, and I need to go to Costco.  I am going to sound like a real wimp to those of you living in the north.  We re expecting a hard freeze here tomorrow.  I know, getting into the upper 20's - how will we ever survive!!  It just doesn't happen often, and I don't like getting out in it.  Rain is expected this weekend, and that means ice.  Houstonians and ice do not mix.  I refuse to get out in it.

So probably tomorrow I shall go out and forage for supplies!! We are good until then.  Shadow has enough food, Clyde has food but his special treat is running VERY low (wieners - that's what gets him in his crate!) and we have left over vegetables to get is through.

Just thought I would touch base.  See ya" manana!


Sally Crowe said...

I'm so sorry you have such problems with your eyes. Bless you!

Expecting the 20's here also. ugh


Judy said...

That is pretty cold for y'all! We are in single digits here, but--just normal for January in Michigan.


Friday is supposed to be a bitch and this weekend too..feckity

Marti said...

I think it's smart to stay in when there is ice. DFW folks can't seem to drive in snow or ice and getting out in it with them is just asking to be hit. I hate to admit it, but my snow and ice driving skills have deteriorated since moving down here.

Sorry to hear your eye is troubling you. I still can't imagine having to have a shot there in the first place. Sounds like a day of rest is in order after that.