Friday, January 09, 2015

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Last night Krissi called me about the air fares.  She told me that the trip was going to be about $500. I think that was round trip, but not sure.  I also assured her I would be paying my own way.  This morning (when I had just rolled to the side of the bed) she called.  She said if we flew into LAX the tickets would be $300.

Now - if some of you MIGHT remember the trip we took to Disneyland nine years ago, you would remember the time I shut down LAX.  To quickly refresh:  coming home we stopped at the curb to check luggage and to get boarding passes.  Krissi took all six boarding passes.  We passed the first check point.  Little chick there approved us, so it was on to upstairs.

We got to the line where everything was passed through the scanner.  My whole family went through.  I was stopped.  I couldn't go in.  I had no boarding pass.  There was a mistake.  I couldn't go in; they couldn't go out.  All I had on my body was my ID.  No purse - it had gone through.  NOTHING.

To cut to this chase, I had to go back downstairs.  With this action - the upstairs part was shut down.  Everything stopped.  The airport was closed.  And I was about in tears because I was so scared.  How was I going to get back with the family.  And I am the one who purchased ALL the dam*ed tickets.

I had to go back outside to the curb.  The man there could only find our party of FIVE.  After several minutes - when he (smart-*ssed way) "invited" me to look at the screen, we discovered he should have rolled to the NEXT screen!

So it ended well - finally.  I was able to get back upstairs to the gate area.  We all found one another.  But for some reason (!!!) I am not in love with LAX.  When I told G we would be flying in and out of LAX, he said he "would have to drive to LA to being me home!"

So we are headed to LA to then drive to Riverside.  Not far.  We will basically be travelling with one of the coaches.  Also we won't be coming in on Monday rather than Sunday.  So it will be Friday to Sunday - unless I don't get a boarding pass!


Marti said...

Well at least now you can make a copy of that boarding pass and put one in your pocket.

I'll be watching for the story on tv. ;)

Sally Crowe said...

Oh my goodness; what a predicament and although it wasn't funny at the time, at least you can laugh about it now. That is, if the same thing doesn't happen again, but I'm sure you won't let it. However, I'll be with your friend Marti watching t.v. :)



oh I would have been tazed, bipped and hog tied, from the fit i'd throw.

Judy said...

I'm so glad I don't fly anymore.

Sally Crowe said...

Just checking in. :)