Thursday, January 22, 2015

Clyde update

And at this very moment, what's more important??  Why Clyde of course.

So m wallet is considerably lighter.  He possibly has a gastric upset caused by (are you ready for this one?) G not mixing the new dog food with the old to gradually increase the new from the old.  I was afraid this would be the case, and when the new food got put into the container on top of the old, I just kept my mouth shut.  Didn't help Clyde, but it kept an argument from erupting!

So now my wallet is thinner because of that.  We left the vet with 4 anti-nausea pills (that's for today and tomorrow) several packets of a pro-biotic, six cans of special diet wet food.

Gave Clyde about 1/3 of the can of food with the pro-biotic sprinkled on top.  He inhaled that, then drank some water.  Woo-hoo!  Now I could have gone back to fixing chicken and rice.  Been there, done that -I will pay the $3 per can food!  So I put a little more in the bowl with the pills mixed in - ate that.  He even licked the bowl as clean as if it had been in the dishwasher.

I guess we are silly about our pets. Mine, at least, have become real babies - fur babies.  They give me pleasure.  I want them to be healthy and happy.  So - that's that.

I can't take the monies with me.  We might as well enjoy something, and I enjoy my pets.

One thing I forgot to mention with my addled brain.  We are re-joining our last church on Sunday.  I cannot believe they were so welcoming.  G said - "well they didn't say they were sorry we were leaving>"  And it's true, they didn't/  But what do you say to a member who suddenly leaves your church.  And the Pastor of this most recent knows why we are leaving him.  He wouldn't talk out the problem with us and listen to some possible solutions since we have been Lutheran longer than he has been alive.  He won't change.  When I looked at the bulletin for the new/old church, they brought in more money in one Sunday than the failing church had in the bank.  Money isn't the yardstick to judge a church, but money certainly allows the programs to move forward.  And our new/old church is so active in the community - and in Africa, it is so wonderful.  That pastor carries through - not just a bunch of hot air.

so all's good in our household - right now.


Judy said...

Glad Clyde is doing better. I love my furry children too. What you are going through in your church sounds so much like what my Jennifer and her family went through. Only in her case, the minister sent them really nasty, hateful e-mails. What's up with that? A minister?

Sally said...

So glad everything is better for Clyde. That's great news! :)


yeah Clyde..Dex sends his best.

MartiDIY said...

Glad to hear Clyde is doing better. You wouldn't think food would do that. I thought new food was added gradually just to keep them from avoiding it.

Good luck with your new/old church too.