Friday, January 02, 2015


Hello.  I used to hang around here.  I would post a lot of nonsense -sometimes complaints, sometimes about family, sometimes complaints ABOUT family, hopefully sometimes amusing.

I have been completely out of pocket lately.  If it hasn't been chained to a sewing machine hoping to get Christmas presents done, it was because we were at the end of the earth that I call the SSB.  Our internet there was spotty because we were iced in.  Not something we are used to!

Anyway.  We are back (for a few days much to my dismay) and I have plans to post some pictures tomorrow.

Still got a lot of stuff to do.  Still behind, but I have my bopes and plans!


Sally Crowe said...

Well, I for one, am glad to see you, and sorry about that horrid weather!

So, Karen, being a bit nosy here, but wanting to know more about you guys; you have two homes and a hunting place? You don't have to answer; I'm just a bit confused.

Hoping things get better, and I bet everyone was happy with their gifts.


Judy said...

Glad you see you survived!!

Grandma K said...

Sally - we have our primary house in the Houston area. We have a manufactured home on 200 acres that we inherited in the Hill Country - around Fredericksburg, Texas that has been in the family since 1874. Our hunting is there on that property - well the family. I am not a hunter - just enjoy venison!! Please friend me on Facebook!! Karen Loftin

Sally Crowe said...

Thanks for answering; I kind of thought it was something like that. Yes, indeed will friend you on FB :)

Jeanette said...

Welcome back for a while anyway!


I'll find you no matter where you go,,