Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A quick this and that

The good and bad from yesterday's visit with the Retinal Specialist.  The Macular Degeneration isn't getting worse - it is stable.  I have to continue with my monthly injections to keep it that way!

As of now (1:11pm CST) the "front" has arrived, and I have to go to the grocery store - still.  Costco will probably be put off until Friday or next Monday (the day before going back to the SSB).  So we are headed out soon, hence the "quick" post.

Along the lines of the cold front.  Yes - we here on the Gulf Coast are paying close attention to temperature that are dropping into the 20's.  We know that it won't last long, but still.  That is pips busting temperatures for us.  Our houses are not built for that.  Exposed pipes EVERYWHERE!!

In our local "Next Door" site, a neighbor is worried about the little dogs next door to her because they have no shelter.  We have a "newbie" here from Connecticut.  To quote her first line of the post: "I am laughing at you people with your problems with this temperature change."  Wrong words sweetie. She went on to say that dogs in her home state would be just fine.  It wasn't going to hurt those pups.  Well - some of our neighbors weren't too kind with their responses to her - one telling her to sleep outside without sheltee, and another telling her to move back to Connecticut.

On last night's news SPCA was telling everyone to provide shelter for all animals outside from dogs and cats to horses.  Hope she saw that one.  Every area of the country has their severe weather that really affects some more than others.

Katie made the zone water polo team.  Great honor.  Great expense to add.  Now we go to Riverside, California March 13-15.  I will go with them so Steve can stay with the other two kiddos.  I don't mind at all (even though that means two trips that month), but it is going to be $$$$.

Seems there was something else, but I keep thinking about the fact I HAVE to get to the store (which I really don't like under perfect conditions) so that we have something besides the meat in the freezer to eat!  I let things go during the holidays since we were going to be gone so much!

Stay warm since most of us will be affected at least some.


Sally Crowe said...

You stay warm also! Yes, here it won't last long and they're saying the wind is going to make matters worse. The same thing happened last January.

I don't understand people who have animals with no concern for their welfare! Not right.

So proud of your Katie as I know you all are. How exciting! :)


Jeanette said...

Congratulations to your granddaughter! Good for her! I hope someone makes sure to call the local animal welfare on those people whose little dogs don't have shelter. Stay warm! I'm used to it so I have this staying warm stuff down pat!

Marti said...

Congratulations to Katie! This is an experience that will stay with her forever.

I feel for the puppies, especially if this is their first winter. I sometimes wonder how our cat survived when he was the neighborhood wild cat. He stays in our garage, which is well insulated and has a heater, but I went out about 10:30 last night and it seemed really cold in the garage (not freezing though) so I put him in Hubby's office. Hubby didn't say anything this morning so I guess he approved. I need to get a small tub to put his bedding in and then his own body heat will keep him warm if the garage gets that cold again.

Maybe neighbors should suggest to Connecticut neighbor to get an igloo dog house. They seem popular around here. Two dogs in a house could keep it pretty warm.