Monday, February 02, 2015

Busy, busy, and so it will be for a while

Friday evening we were to eat with the church group.  Only when we got there, we found it was the wrong night.  G had his usual temper tantrum, but it all ended ok.  We went to the neighborhood Mexican restaurant.  It was GOOD!

So Saturday night we did have dinner with the group.  It is the local seafood place.  Only they have changed their menu.  Not as good.  There were over 30 of us.  The restaurant assigned one poor waitress.  Service was slow.  One person cannot possibly handle 30.  The kitchen had trouble.  A couple of our group acted like horses patooties, and one couple who showed up over 30 minutes late of course ordered late.  Their food was late.  They wanted their meals comped. I could have just slipped under the table.  I was flabbergasted.  Or well those people are everywhere.

Sunday (that's right that was last night!!!) we went to Krissi's.  Her neighbors who were burned out had included them in a thingy where there was another meal included last night.  The mom made tamales.  Oh.  My. Goodness.  They were soo good.  There is nothing like a homemade tamal, but she is the best of her family.  And she is that for sure.

This morning was cardio doc.  Everything is good with the exception of the left carotid.  He wants to do an ultrasound to determine if there might be a little something there.  So next month I will do that.

My appointment was at 9:15.  His office is in the building that is in front of the women's and children's part of the hospital.  Parking is horrible.  I always try to get an early appointment - before everyone comes to see the new babies!!!  So I was early.  I had planned to do shopping around the area today since I was there.  I was out of his office at 9:20!!!

So I had to wait at the stores.  I got a new pair of shoes.  Sounds like a kid before school doesn't it. I  spent my days buying shoes at P*yless, and my feet paid for that.  So I either buy Finns (and now I try NOT to buy those because of their expense) or SAS which are getting just about as bad.  But got a cute pair of low heeled pumps.  Me - who used to wear HIGH, HIGH heels.  Hump..

Anyway.  I went to the sewing shop and bought a new old, baby.  But it is new to me.  It is a second machine with a larger hoop.  It was within my budget too.  I was hoping for something that weighed less.  Nope.  This baby weighs more than the other one!

Tomorrow is the eye injection.  Wednesday is the Life Group at church, Thursday is the pain doc.  Friday is pedicure!  There goes my week.

Hope you have good plans for the week - exciting ones, not doctors!


Judy said...

Sounds like you had fun today!! I have made doc appointments and dentist--gotta start the year out right!!


being I am a diabetic I really have to be careful with shoes..the grands bought me a really cool pair of tennis shoes for xmas..I had to return 2 pairs. they were too tight and would rub blisters and can't have that..they had 2 pair of shoes in wide and they were ugly..I'm hoping they will take half of the money and let me get my hair cut.

Sally said...

You really have been busy, but goodness gracious three nights in a row eating "out"! I know what you mean about people wanting to be "comped" (sp) and it really is embarrassing unless for a very good reason. As you say, oh well.

So glad you got another machine! Girl, you have a busy week ahead. Best wishes all will be well.

MartiDIY said...

A new to you embroidery machine? Good deal! Mother-in-law has a friend who said she wants to sell hers, but then she never has gotten back to me about it.

Your dinner out sounds like Hubby's radio group. There is one woman who gripes about her meal, no matter what it is and either sends it back or wants to be comped for it. It's enough that we don't want to eat with that group.