Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not so smart after all

I had thought of something that I wanted to include in the blog, but I had already published.  I didn't want to publish twice - putting you all through once a day is quite enough!  So I wrote the post, and scheduled a time for it to be published.  Guess what - it didn't!

Now, do I remember the great topic I wanted to post, of course .... NOT!    If I put it down, that was the end of it.  The thought is gone.  Vanished into the mist.

Katie stayed home again yesterday.  She was taken to confirmation last night however.  She was allowed to miss last week for (gulp) water polo.  It was the last practice for a while, and she really needs to be in the pool.  I know Krissi wrestled with that fact, but thought she could miss once.  Then - sickness this week.  Katie was doing better.  Krissi told her to take a shower, and that would be the determining factor.  Krissi called upstairs to check.  No answer.  She went up, and there was Katie with ear buds in her ears, dancing.  Enough there.  She was ok!!

I got to have breakfast out yesterday.  I love to have breakfast out!!!  The Highlander needed an oil change, so we took it to our mechanic.  They do several checks while changing the oil, which is good preventative maintenance for us.  G isn't handy - with anything, so this is a good way to make sure the car is in good shape.

The restaurant is next door to the mechanic.  I got an omelet.  I usually don't have everything that goes in an omelet.  So it is a real treat.

I am really jumping around here today.  I would fail it this were an essay!!  Anyway - today we have nice warm temperatures.  Sorry to all you who are suffering under the snow and all.  But warm temperatures mean my hands don't hurt as badly.  I don't know - it may all be in my head, but it seems that way.  So what?  It means I will certainly do laundry today.  Lifting all that stuff, remaking the bed - all hurt a lot.

And lastly - I finally got more than 5-6 hours sleep last night, at least I believe I did  It wasn't restful.  I woke many times.  The first, at 11:30, I felt like I was sitting on a stove.  It was the cat with his little hot body snuggled against my butt!  Now this weekend when it gets colder - ok.  Not last night.  Anyway - I woke several times.  Often to some strange noise.  Gotta find what was causing that!

And I lied about that being the last thing  I bought some really cute machine embroidery designs.  I can't wait to do them.  One is little cowboy boots for babies.  We have the rodeo coming up at the end of February/  Hopefully they will sell!!!

Have a good one!


Sally said...

I'm glad Katie is better. Isn't that just like a kid to be dancing with the ear buds. LOL

It really is nice to go out for breakfast; something I haven't in a while as I have no appetite until late in the day.

I know what you mean about your hands. Hopefully you'll get the chores done without pain.

The weather is supposed to warm up this weekend, and since Hunter will be here we can play outside. :)


Judy said...

We are having a semi-cold day, but it's still nice. My hands hurt no matter what the weather, LOL


I'm being a bitch..going around to all my friends on facebook that are snowed under and telling them it was in the 80's here..but our 'cold front' is moving in..highs of 50's and 2-3 days of rain..poor us..

MartiDIY said...

We're enjoying nice weather too. I had to laugh at JackieSue's comment. Hubby enjoys talking on the radio to people up north and comparing temperatures. I tell him not to gloat now. In July and August we will be suffering while they are enjoying a pleasant summer.