Thursday, January 08, 2015

Finally did it

I have been complaining about our church - the pastor in particular.  He has driven that church into the ground.  Last time I knew what it was, they had about $9000 in the bank - total.  Rent was to be paid the other day, and it has gone up to about $6100 a month.  And he has started a new "Building Fund."  He used the other one to pay rent.  He started this church 7 years ago with (ready for thus) $300,000 from the church that helped.  Sad.

Anyway - Monday I sent him an email telling him that we are leaving.  So we will return to the church we previously attended.  It still isn't the church I want.  And it will never be.  The pastor who made it so great is not only gone from the church, he is gone from the world.  I still miss him.  I worked so closely with him as organist for years.  He died a couple of years from pancreatic cancer.  We all thought he would have a massive heart attack to kill him.  He would joke that he and his cardio doc couldn't remember how many shunts he had!

But we are going back.  It took until last night for the pastor to acknowledge we are gone.  Guess we weren't as important, but he will surely miss our money!

Wanted to share the most current picture of Katie.  It is such a good one.  Her personality just shines through.  And we will be in Riverside, California March 13!  One more step toward the national water polo team,, and perhaps the Olympics - who knows.
This was taken right after Christmas when she and her friend who was visiting from Singapore (!!) went to the beach with the other girl's family.  The other girl has a story that points out how small the world really is - I will tell it timorrow.


Marti said...

That is a good photo. Is she holding a live fish? For some reason I can't see the whole photo or caption. I'll try again using Explorer.

Sally Crowe said...

I'm so sorry for the trouble in the church. Very sad!

Love the photo of Katie; not only is she doing so well, she's adorable. Such a pretty smile. :)

Judy said...

What a beautiful young lady. Your church fiasco sounds like what my daughter went through last spring--except her pastor has been sending them nasty e-mails. He certainly will also miss the tuition of their 3 children in his not so good school. I hope your new old church doesn't disappoint. Just go to find God and nothing else--no expectations and don't get overly involved.