Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My day, at least so far

Got to go have blood drawn for my cardio doc's appointment next week.  The earliest appointment was 10:30.  So fasting, I slept as long as I could get away with this morning.  I really need to NOT sleep late these days because the body is going through the old "sleep - your body doesn't need sleep - lets stay up until you finish this really good book - so what if it's 4 am- and you know the phone will ring with Krissi calling at 9 - so what!! - you don't need sleep).  Of course then after lunch and dinner I nod off.  Hate this.

But blood drawn.  Scratch that off.

I had a route this morning for myself.  After I left the lab, I was hungry, so there was a Jack in the Box on my right (and it would be the only thing on my right).  So I got a breakfast sandwich and coffee.  Then on to Jo Ann's Crafts.   I decided I was gong to take the short cut which put me right on the street with Tuesday Morning.  Haven't been there in centuries, so I stopped. I really wanted a new fatigue mat for the kitchen.  Nope.  But did buy some little zippered pouches (that I would have done on the machine - just didn't want to).  That was all I found there.

Then it was on to Jo Ann's.  I had to take back a gift I had gotten for Katie for her birthday.  I bought it before Christmas because I knew there wouldn't be any when it was time for her birthday (January 16)  She is a Texas A&M freak.  This was a pillow pet of Revelie - the collie mascot.  Cute, cute, cute!! I was afraid they wouldn't take it back, but they did!

Then to my shopping.  I always hit their remnant bin.  Wow!  I made a haul.  Now if I could sell some of those blasted gloves.  If not, Jackie - you will have a lot of lap blankets!  I also bought netting and organza for other projects.  As I was going through the store - I hit their $1-$5 bin.  Cute head bands for a buck - all sparkly.

Before I even started I had forgotten until now - they had some sparkly ribbon to put on clothes.  Scored four different colors there.  They had regular gloves marked to $1 as well as ear warmers.  Great for next year.

Found they had t-shirts so I can finish Karrington's Christmas present.  Yea!  And bought a new hot glue gun because I wanted LOW TEMPERATURE.  I have one - in fact SEVERAL glue guns, I just can never remember which are high temp and low temp!

Surprisingly with all the remnants and everything else I bought, I got out of there for $124.  I didn't even get to use my "professional card" for 10% off.

Last stop was Walgreen's.  Katie went to school sick, but was brought home at 8,  Krissi asked me to get some soup for her so I got soup and gator aid.  Fortunately she hasn't started throwing up yet - it's still the other end.

G has gone to get the truck washed, and NOW I can bring the stuff in!!!  I think he saw the bags -at least some - when he had to get his water bottle off the floor of the Highlander.   Ah well.  I told him last night I was going to buy a new sewing machine next week!  He was surprisingly OK.  Yea! Can work at the SSB.


Sally said...

You had quite a busy morning, young lady. It sounds like you got some good buys also. I sure hope your little granddaughter will be okay.


MartiDIY said...

You must have a better JoAnns than we do. Sounds like you did really well. If our JoAnns has a remnant bin, I've never seen it. Was that the listed price on everything or did you have a 40 or 50% off coupon to do so well?


oh words I love to hear ..lap blankets for Jackie..I am going to bite the bullet and go speak to them at West Rest Haven..I think they have seen how successful my adopt an oldie campaign has been and maybe able to convince them that working with me and under their guise we can do it every year and do it at West Rest Haven..if they tell me no? I'll broad cast it to everyone in town..use the paper to get the word out..hope it doesn't work out that way.

Judy said...

My Mom used to sneak stuff in the house and hurriedly stash it in the upstairs closet. Then, when it was time to sew or make something, she'd bring down the materials for the project. Dad would growl, "Did you buy that today?" and Mom would truthfully say, "No. I've had it for ages."