Thursday, January 22, 2015


Now that's a question that could have so many answers and for so many people.  My question is both simple and complex.  Why in the world does it seem we adopt boxers with sensitive stomachs?

Simone was the poster child for a sensitive stomach.  We did everything we could short of really expensive diagnostic tests to find out why she was so prone to vomiting.  Nothing helped.  That poor dog had more antacids shoved down her throat with the hopes it would quell her tummy problems.

Now Clyde seems to have a sensitive stomach.  He has only vomited once, but he won't eat.  How a dog can go from 65 pounds to 82 pounds in a year with the little he eats is amazing to me.  All of our previous pets would eat morning and evening.  Not Clyde.  If food is put out in the morning, it just sits there/ When (and if) he eats it is in the evening.

Sometimes he won't eat in the evening.  He will take a few bites and walk away.  After he goes out for the last time at night, he would come back and finish it off.

We did change his food to what is supposed to be better, and we thought he didn't like the other food.  We add some wet to his dry, and now we are even adding broth to the mix.  He turned his nose up to it yesterday.

One of his favorite treats is wieners.   We give them for him going in the crate.  He had to go into his crate yesterday, but he wasn't wild about getting his treat. Every morning after his outside time he gets a piece of chicken jerky (for dogs).  This morning he didn't want it.

So my wallet better get warmed up.  It looks like it is going to be hit with a big bill today!


MartiDIY said...

Oh no, that's no good. Didn't you cook chicken and stuff for Simone? I switched our cat to Wilderness brand food (no grain fillers) and even though he liked it as a treat, he didn't want it in his self-feeder. It took awhile to ease him into it, but he isn't throwing up now. Well, unless he eats something he catches. Ick.

Sally Crowe said...

uh oh - that doesn't sound good. Maybe it's with dogs like humans, sometimes we just don't want to eat. I hope it's a simple solution. xoxo


google digestion problems with dog.. see what it says