Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yes, it's me back again

I was going to try to post while we were at the SSB, but that blasted internet is so slow.  And because I have so much extra monies floating around (my retirement $$ have been at the same rate since 2000 and the feds have ruled that Texas retired teachers should not be able to "double dip" into Social Security regardless of the fact that they held second jobs all of their career to make ends meet and that gave them all of their quarters to qualify.  Yep - little ol' English teacher me with THAT sentence - I would have given an "f" on that one!)

But to the point of my first paragraph - I am thinking that a new router might help - thanks Marti.  I have installed an app that tells me what I have left each day on that service.  But, it is so slow!  Anyway I spent hours and hours trying to get the embroidery files filed and then organized in the files.  Actually all I got a good deal completed was getting the downloads opened (they are zip files) and then put into the categories. Now there has to be categories within the categories.

I thought of so many things to write about while I was there.  Now that I am sitting here in front of the computer logged into Blogger - I must have writer's block.  What were those clever ideas?

Oh well - let's summarize the stay.  On Friday we went to Community Club.  This is a disappearing little group.  There was an amazing thirteen folks there.  The meal was based around chili.  The hosts (who happen to be the blasted neighbors on the next mountain - with THE road) made the chili and the COLD cornbread.  Everyone else brought either a side or dessert.

We almost didn't go because they were the hosts.  But we can't do that.  There were 9 others there to visit - of course three of those were family.  But it used to be there would be thirty people there.  I know it was right after the cold we have had, and it had rained a lot.  With the dirt roads we have to travel it makes getting places difficult.

Now - had it been Happy Hour these same people would have WALKED through the mud.  And Happy Hour is just that.  People bring a snack and their favorite drink - hard or not.  Perhaps that is where Community Club is failing.

On Monday we had someone out to give us a bid on land clearing and bulldozing a road down a fence.  He got quite a kick out of the double road that idiot has put it.  I so want to ask others in CC and HH what they REALLY think about Gene.  I can't help but think it is that he is an idiot.

And speaking of idiots - or at least crazy.  My younger SIL who lives there all the time has lost another dog.  When she moved out there, she brought my In Law's poodle.  MIL was still alive, but in the home, so to speak.  She couldn't have the dog.  Anyway, then TJ adopted two other dogs.  One was a border collie pup and the other a Shitz Shu mix (don't think I spelled that correctly and spelling doesn't correct it).  Well those dogs were allowed to run free.

That land is just as I call it - everything either sticks, stings or bites.  Well - the little dog was bitten by a rattle snake and died.  She had a cat that was allowed out and (you guessed it) was bitten by a snake and died.

So she goes and adopts another Shitz Shu.  She called me Monday asking if we had seen him.  She let the dogs out at 9 and by 4 he wasn't back.  The border collie was, but not this one.  We have coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and possibly cougars around.  That little dog is a goner I am sure.

The old saying "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is being crazy" fits here.

So today with everything else I want to do, I will clean up.  The house looks like a tornado went through it.  With the stuff left from the holidays still out, shredded paper on the floor around the shredder because it "broke" and lost a mass of paper while we fixed it, all the crap that has to travel from one house to another is EVERYWHERE.  My breakfast table has that is made for six has just enough room for the two of us to eat - if we are careful.  So the things I want and need to do for the business is put on the back burner - once again.

I think that is why I am beginning to hate going to the SSB for 25% of my time.  And I have made the decision to buy another embroidery machine.  It will hopefully be used, but it will not be a combo sewing/embroidery.  That will bring the cost down quite a bit.  But if I can't stay here and work - I will take my work with me.



Nancy our librarian was a teacher for 30 years..she has same..teachers union and no SS..I need to take mine to be blew the bobbin bobbin holder n the thing it fits in right out.

Judy said...

Your SIL is an idiot! If she wants to get another pet, have her get an elephant. It would scare the predators and step on the snakes!

Sally Crowe said...

Your CC sounds like our family reunions; I used to love going and there would be at least l00 people. Now, of course, with so many gone there's only a few.

You guys stay on the go, but I'm glad you're getting an embroidery machine so you'll at least have something to do that you like.

My daughter and her family lived on the river for quite a long time, and lost two pets (we assume to alligators). But, then they only had house doggies. Hopper Henry, who is here with me, is ten years old. I dread the day he goes; my daughter will be so upset.

Hope you get the computer problems fixed. I had to have some help this morning with mine.


MartiDIY said...

My best blogging ideas are ALWAYS when I'm on the road or out somewhere. Then, when I come home, I can't remember a thing.

That really stinks about not being able to draw SS. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me too. I worked in the business world longer than I taught and paid a lot more into SS than teacher retirement.