Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from the sticks

We have been here since the 26th.  All is not rosy.  And this is my second attempt to make contact.  And it almost didn't work again.

G claims to have gotten sick on the way up here and coughed all night.  So he decided to make an appointment to see a doctor.  He called Fberg.  All the "emergency" clinics were closed and suggested the ER.

So he called the clinic in Mason.  They were open, but he needed an appointment.  Got one at 3:30.  Well, as you can imagine it as late when he got in.  They tested for strep throat and the flu.  Hope - I think the diagnosis was a cold.  Analgesics and fluids.

We still had no groceries, so we went to the terrible grocery.  I managed to hurry through since it was getting  late.  Now - the reason we try to not be out at dark is this is thick deer country.  We don't like trying to avoid them at night.  We weren't that lucky.  It was dark as we were driving.

As we got on the dirt road, the check engine light on Blue came on.  That poor old truck has been so abused and not maintained.  Still don't know why that happened, but at least the temperature and oil pressure gauges  didn't show any problem - if they work.

My SIL called and we made plans to go to Fberg the next day since we still needed some items - like meds that he decided he needed.  So at least I was out of the house!

I have been making the chicken and rice food for Simone.  I thought she was doing well.  Nope - she has been spewing for two days now.  And here we are - middle of nowhere - AND on a weekend/holiday.  Great.

Night before last I was looking for the cube steaks I bought on Thursday.  AND the roast.  They are not here.  They are someplace between the horrible grocery and here.  I will bet they are still at the store.  I was being rushed so with Mr Sick that I will bet we didn't load everything.  So pickings around here for food are slim at best.

The weather is terrible.  It was cold, and now we have rain added.

Am I having fun?  Take your best guess!

If I don't make it back tomorrow, and that's a possibility since I have such wonderful internet here, Happy New Year.  It's gotta' be better.


Jeanette said...

Happy New Year, Karen. Hope your stay out there gets better from here!

Marti said...

I am so sorry you are having a bad time there, and agree with the poster above and hope it gets better. I started the new year with a new computer and Hubby is afraid to come into the same room with me while I'm on it. I guess he doesn't know if I'm yelling "Stop it!" to him or the computer. It's the computer.

Hope Simone is better today too.

JuJu said...

I hope by the time you read this that things are better and better. I also hope Simone is on the mend. Happy New Year!


happy new year