Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This and that from yesterday

I had completely forgotten that I told Daughter I would watch the two younger kidlets last night.  It was her company's Christmas party, and of course it was kid free.  What I hadn't signed on for was to go to her house.

They were going to leave by 6.  We eat dinner at 7.  I had gotten a lovely strip steak out of the freezer, and I was looking forward to that!  As Daughter and I were discussing where the kids would be, I saw my dreams of the steak growing dimmer and dimmer.

She was talking about how the kids are usually in bed by 9.  I don't know why I fell for that one.  I have been around them and they go to bed whenever the spirit moves them.  But I fell for it.  The icing on the leave my house cake was that Lady Bug would be dropped off the the carpool they have formed.  I didn't want the driver that night having to find us, although we are closer to their home!

So when that was decided, she said that SIL had a crock pot with stew in it.  That wasn't a draw for me in the first place - we had stew the night before.  Stew is one of those things that you only eat every other night at most, even if it was prepared by two different people.

When I got there, the kids were eating pizza.  They didn't like the stew.  I tasted some of the liquid that had pooled in the ladle.  I didn't like it either.  I was glad I brought my sandwich and the stuffed portabella mushroom caps (even the one I didn't like).

Bedtime at 9?  Hah!  Didn't happen.  But with the later bed time, and his little sister finally conking out, I was able to have a conversation with Monkey Boy.  If you want to call it that.  He is too busy talking, and telling you the misinformation he has, and his take on the subject from an 8 year old point of view to learn from the conversation, but it was cute:  "The US beat the Japanese by dropping two automatic bombs on two of their cities."  What a mental picture that evokes!

Other  news from last night -   my first attempt at dog chef was a success.  G called me (to tell me the A/C people would be coming about 7:30 PM) and that she liked it so much he thought she was going to eat the bowl.

Today it seems like it is a good experiment.  Yesterday when I was talking about this with the vet, she forgot this is something that has been going on beginning after having her for 6 months. So we are looking at 5 1/2 years.  The whole thing is getting worse.  At first, it was just vomit.  At this point it is cruel gas.  As I told the vet - she can clear a room.  Her little tummy rumbles.  We are sure there is stomach acidity that is out of control, so every night, she gets a Pepsid, or the generic counterpart.  I am at my wits end.

Making the dog food is going to get even harder than it is now.  I know, boiling a chicken and cooking rice isn't a big deal, but it is.  She gets 1 1/2 cups of that mixture with each meal.  I ran the chicken through the food processor so it would be in small, easily digested bits.  If it looks promising, I will have to add many other nutrients to it.  But if it means not cleaning up vomit - and especially on this new food that stinks the second time around (from both ends - I know, TMI), and stains the carpet, I am on board.

Oh and today is my oldest, my daughter's, 39 (gasp) birthday.  I cannot believe it.  I honestly didn't think I would see her turn 40.  I'm not there yet, but it looks more promising than before.  Wow.  I am really old!


JuJu said...

You are a good granny! I had to laugh when you said that neither you nor the kids liked the stew. :-)

Hope you get that steak sometime soon!!

Marti said...

LOL, I love reading about your life and monkey boy. Love the automatic bombs!

Have you tried pumpkin puree for your dog's tummy? You can do a search for more details, but a spoonful a day (I think) settles their tum.


ain't it grand? I'm so loving watching Abby I'm out of space..I live to make her laugh...
might put in some vit. A, E and B's in her chicken/rice.