Thursday, January 03, 2013

Home again - yea! For two weeks - boo!

We came home yesterday.  Well, that was a redundant sentence wasn't it?  That's the kind of day this one is.  We are dreary and cool, which in Swampland translates to Jeez, it's frigid!

Simone, ah Simone, is seemingly better.  I am beginning to believe that I have sabotaged her with of all things dark meat chicken.  What a food snob!  I guess there is that much fat in the dark meat that it upsets her delicate tummy.  Anyway, it has been 24 + whole hours since we have slipped a nausea pill or tranquilizer into her food.  I know, dirty trick, but I didn't want to push it down her seemingly irritated throat.

But she seems somewhat better.  I bought the frozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts today.  We will see. That means I don't have to do the whole chicken, and I can make 2-3 meals at a time so it is fresh.  Spoiled dog?  I would say so.

The grocery store stop was on the way back from the sewing machine place.  We had club today, but it was a quilt project.  I. Don't. Quilt.  I really don't have time, and it gets expensive when you want to back it and then have the long arm quilt the whole thing.  I'll stick to the sewing and embroidery, thank you.

My machine was very sick before Christmas when I was working like fiend to finish Christmas Presents.  It absolutely quit.  I was watching the bobbin case spin in the bottom of the machine.  Not a good thing.  So since the store is at the mall, and I don't go anywhere near the mall at Christmas - at least from the 18th or so   - I was dead in the water.  We left the day after Christmas, so there sat my machine - broken for all this time.

That meant not only did littlest baby not get his Christmas present, he wasn't going to get his birthday present since they are basically the same things.  The little bean bags.  So off I went today with a dual mission.  Have the machine repaired and at least try to look partially interested in the quilt squares they were making.  The greatest news is that he fixed my machine while I was there.  It wasn't as bad as I expected!!!  Yea for me.

So after I  finish unpacking (what a waste of time) I will head back upstairs and begin making bean bags again!

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On, enjoy your vacation at home!