Monday, December 17, 2012

Becoming a new chef

Quite probably I will become a new chef.  One who makes gourmet food for my dog.

We have tried two types of food that are meant for sensitive tummies.  She spews on both of them.  This last one gives her flatulence.  What a nice word for something that, on this dog food is so very foul.

I researched making dog food last night.  One fella says he does a third, third, third: protein, starch (white rice), and vegetables (omitting broccoli  if the dog tends to gas).  But as I read more, I saw that making dog food isn't simply the thirds rule.

The guy who oversimplified this procedure also leaves a bowl of commercial dry dog food for his dog.  Well - that sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it!  Why go to the bother at all??  Other recipes call for all sorts of nutrients to be added.

So I did my normal thing - I stopped at the vet's office to ask.  One of them called me back.  We are going to try feeding her chicken and rice.  A couple of days of this will not hurt her, so we will see.

My dog  the true princess of this household!


JuJu said...

She is so lucky to have such a loving mommy!

judemiller1 said...

I saw a thing advertised on TV--looked like a waffle iron with 6 bone shaped slots--to make your own dog bones--kind of cute. Good luck--maybe she needs an heartburn drug? I take one every morning and it helps me.