Friday, December 07, 2012

Things around here

The other night (hey, I'm retired - I don't have to remember which day anything happened - after all, they are pretty much all the same), I came down the stairs after spending a lot of time and thread working on what I thought was a really cute, free design to put on a shirt for Lady Bug.  I was disgruntled because the thing loks horrid - just a mass of threads, which it almost is.  G made the statement: we have a problem.

Well - that could run the gamut from a broken pipe with water gushing to form a lake in the street to him breaking a fingernail.  So, I bit.  I asked what was wrong.  He quickly replied that we had a bird in the house.

A what??  How did that happen.  His reply was: I dunno.  This is added to the five inch Anole (commonly, and wrongly called a chameleon about these parts) that was at the top of the wall in the breakfast room.  Living with these lizards in these parts is a common thing.  They can get through the smallest openings unnoticed.

Where was the bird?  In the living room.  Last he saw of it was in one of my silk ficus dust catchers.  So I went in.  No, it was in my Christsmas kissing ball that stays up all year (not supposed to, just has).  When I moved toward it, then it flew into the wet bar.

As we would get closer, it would fly more.  To cut to the chase, we ended up with the doors open, the cat in the utility room (very mad about it), and us waving our arms like fools to try to get it back outside. Oh, by the way, it was a wren of some sort.  I am not an bird watcher.  Last I saw of the bird was in the curtain topper in the den.  And literally that was the last I saw of it.

I don't know if perhaps we inadvertently killed  the poor little thing trying to get it out of the topper or if it found whatever way it came in to get out.  I will be taking the curtains down today (since it was vividly brought to me that they, too, are dust catchers).  I just hope I don't find a little body.

In other news, my Kindle Fire, which is my Christmas present, arrived the other day too.  I. Love. It.   Already I am madly in love with that thing.   BUT - it surely eats up the power in its battery.  But we will learn to live in peace.  I just know it.  Once I am not trying to find out all it does, we will get along just fine.


Jeanette said...

Birds are drawn to fresh air when their inside a house. I had a bird in my basement last year. I just closed the basement door, opened the door to the garage and about 15 minutes I heard him come up the stairs (he was cheeping..the cats were going nuts at the door!) and I peek out just as he hopped out the door to the garage and flew away! Have a wonderful weekend!

JuJu said...

Awww,that poor little birdy. I hope he made it out alive!!

And, congrats on the Kindle Fire! I've been wanting one for awhile. I adore my kindle.

Let me know what you think of it when you are acquainted!!


Dexter likes to bring in birds and let them go in the house and then sit back and watch me chase it all over the place..bastid

Cheyenne said...

I wrote about our smoke detector chirping like a bird and you get an actual bird to fly around your house.

Hopefully it flew out and is back with its family, wherever that may be.