Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unwarranted worry

One of the women in the Women's Group at church has the most fabulous outlook on life: don't worry, be happy.

I am really trying to make that my mantra.  Last July when we held the Christmas in July party for the group that ministers to pregnant teens, I was so worried about not having enough food.  We planned for 15.  We had no idea that those girls had been encouraged to bring their families.

Bringing the families that will come is really a great idea, but by the time folks were beginning to arrive, I was already feeling we had been given bad information as it was.  So when groups of four to six began arriving, I was about to be a basket case.

Being a good "Southern Bell,"  one of the worst things I can imagine happening at an affair where there is SUPPOSED to be food, is to run out.  That very thing happened to my SIL and BIL at their daughter's wedding several years ago.  SIL was about to stroke out right there!  Obviously they never got anything to eat at all.  Big bill - no food.  Bad.

Well, at the shower, we not only never ran out of food, we had plenty left!  The next day one of the readings from the Bible was - you guessed it - the story about the loaves and fishes.  Where the deciple asked Jesus how they would ever be able to feed the crowd with the few loaves and fishes - but they did!

Yesterday was the first funeral/memorial service.  Our man who wears many hats (student pastor/worship planner/what ever comes up lost his cousin and aunt (I am still a little confused here).  Since the aunt/grandmother was to become the guardian of the cousin's two children, somehow M ended up with the kids.  As I said, I am still a little confused, but the bottom line was that we, Women's Group, were asked to provide a light lunch after the service for about 50.

OK - no problemo.  I immediately send out an email, and had many responses within 10 minutes.  I knew that would be the case. By Sunday, all was nicely in place.  I felt good about the amount of sandwiches and cookies that had been promised.  We had a good group to set up/serve/clean up.

Come Monday, I find we have plenty of food.  Looks great.  Then the people began arriving.  They came, and came, and came!  Then it was time to feed.  One of our dear ladies was standing there "serving" sandwiches to those coming through the line.  She was not only serving, she was encouraging them to take more food than they would have done if left alone.  I was panicking.  I could see the line wrapping around the corner, and the food was going to disappear.

Do I need to say more?  It was loaves and fishes all over.  Not only was there enough for the mourners, there was food for Pastor and us.  There was food for Pastor to take home for his dinner.  There was food to stuff into 8 take out boxes to give to four of the families.  There were cookies left to send to the elementary school we sponsor so they could sell them at their little carnival that night.

People - there was FOOD!  I couldn't believe it.

So my new mantra:  don't worry, be happy.  It's a good one, and perhaps will help my blood pressure too!


JuJu said...

IT's the best advice, but oh so hard to do.

But, I do find I'm much happier when I realize how very little control I have in situations just like those!

Marti said...

Your friend has the right attitude. I've come to realize that my name fits. I am more a Martha than a Mary.

Beth said...

"Don't worry, be happy."

Easier said than done.