Friday, December 21, 2012

We're still here

As if we wouldn't be.  So the Mayans just played a great big practical joke, or you can look at it as a lot of people are: it is just the beginning of a new cycle.

So, I have sort of wasted another two days of freedom.  It is ending as I type since they are on their way home.  Just mere hours remain!

I hate having things to do in the middle of the day.  It just ruins the day.  Tuesday was the pedicure day, Wednesday the funeral, yesterday was the Opthamologist, and today - well today is the end.  No I am not still waiting for the Mayan thing to happen.

My eyes are doing as well as can be expected.  She even thought my eyesight was  better.  Huh??  I can't see anything.  But the pressure is back to where it should be.  I can't help but think this condition that Daughter and I BOTH have doesn't cause that pressure (and vision) to fluctuate.  Somehow, the corneas absorb too much fluid and swell.  I would try to spell the condition phonetically since I haven't seen it in print, but it is too close to another word that begins with "f" that I would never post here.  But that word pretty much would cover how I feel about this stuff.  Her treatment for this.  Now don't laugh:  use the blow dryer, for a bit on a medium setting, on my eyes and it will cause the corneas to get rid of some of the fluid.  Yeah, OK.

So now I need to head upstairs.  As usual, I am behind the 8-ball with projects.  I want to make the alphabet toss bags for the smallest gchild.  Naturally I would choose the alphabet, although I will do shapes and numbers for his birthday.  Perhaps I will switch those around!!  I have some beautiful "lace" ornaments I want to do for the g-girls, and there are state ornaments for the moms.  My philosophy I guess is to work under pressure.  That way, when things go wrong, my blood pressure can soar!!  Yep - that's me.

Simone.  Yes - she is doing really great.  I will be calling to get her tranquilizers and nausea pills refilled in case I need them since (sigh) we are leaving (again) on the 26th for the SSB.  I will leave a message for the vet - she is doing great, now what.  Making the food isn't really too hard, but it is rather expensive.  I take a chicken to boil.  Then I make the same amount of white rice.  If this goes on, there will have to be additives for the missing nutrients.  That makes about 5-6 feedings which translates into 3 days.   It is a mess as well.  I guess I am going to have to look carefully for sales on chickens.  Of course, it would help if I would stop buying organic!

So, I am off to pick up some stuff.  Still have presents to wrap.  Hope you are more prepared than I am for Christmas!



we were watching new zealand and australia to see if they went first..i got new hair cut, new color and new glasses...I'm all set for new year.

Cheyenne said...

I love chicken and rice, I'll be right there.

One of my four cats has a sensitive stomach so now I have to first try that type formula with his dry food. The wet stuff doesn't seem to bother him. The vet said I can feed the dry for sensitive stomach cats to all of them with no harm done.