Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you all

I hope you are all having a great Christmas, and may the coming New Year be great for you.

I have nothing to do but blog right now?  No, actually I am between activities right now, and wanted to share a few things.  We have been with Daughter and that set of grandchildren to open presents and have breakfast.  Daughter actually did a breakfast casserole.  You see, she doesn't cook.  But it was really good.

We will be heading to DIL's mother's house to have Christmas with that family.  It has become a tradition.  We enjoy being with all the relatives from Louisiana.  Most are now transplanted Texans.  But they are nice, nice people - unlike the other side in-laws.  But that's a different story that I will share later. I don't want to bring down the goodness of this day.

Then this evening all our immediate family will gather here to celebrate - with a light supper.  After all the eating today, it needs to be light!

Last night we went to Christmas Eve services.  Son and DIL went to their church, which isn't our cup of tea, and we went to ours.  It was much more traditional than is the norm for our church and I thoroughly loved it.   Much liturgy with Christmas carols interspersed for those parts of the liturgy.

The children's message was very good.   The children played the part of the animals in the barn.  Our Assistant in Ministry was Mary, SIL was Joesph.  A couple of others were the shepherds, one was the Angel, and our Elders played the parts of the wise men.  It was cute.

To begin the sermon, Pastor did a take off of Facebook.  It was posts that might have been made.  Very good!

But I was most impressed by one of our new members.  When they first visited in the summer, she was having to use a cane.  They were an engaged couple, and found what they were looking for in a church.  When there is a need,  they are there just like those of us who have been around for a long time.  When we needed food for the funeral we had recently (our first), she provided chips.  When we thought we would be providing food for another visitor (at this point - I think she will join), Jaime was one of the four of us on the list to do it.  She is there.  She contributes.

Why am I singing her praises?  Well - at the funeral, I found that they had moved their wedding up from next week to about a month ago.  They are still planning the big service, but they are married.  They did it because she got her diagnosis.  She has ALS - Lou Gehrig Disease.  Her time in limited.

I watched them com in last night.  She is about to completely lose her mobility. Her left leg is almost useless. All movement comes from the hip.  He is such a help to her.  So caring.  They brought tears to my eyes.  And you know something - if she knew she would probably be really mad.

I really believe Jaime has the attitude toward this horrid disease that she is going to need.  Our friend, neighbor, relative in the SSB who died a couple of years ago of this same bastardly disease had this positive attitude.  It didn't make him live longer I doubt, but he faced his impending death with dignity.

I admire Jaime more than words can possibly cover.  When my fate was really uncertain I hoped I was facing whatever happened with grace and a positive attitude.  Jaime has trumped me!  Prayers for you sweet woman.

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Judy said...

Such a wonderful story. I fear, when faced with a bad diagnosis, I would just climb into my bed, pull the cover over my head and die. But then I see people, in the last stages of their life and all of them--seem to find the peace and strength to be happy and calm and go forward. It always amazes me!! I hope, faced with that, I would be gracious too.