Wednesday, December 12, 2012

72 hours or so

That is how long I can be fairly assured of peace and quiet.  G is gone to the SSB.  We need this time - absolutely.

It is really important that someone be there so that a plumber can get there.  The cut off from the pump to the house and hunters' cabin isn't holding.  That means there is water in the line - all the time.  While our freezes are not all that often, they do happen more frequently there.

The house isn't so much the problem.  We leave the heat on low (or a/c turned up high) so the temperature in the house doesn't get too cold (or hot).  It is also pretty well insulated.  But the cabin is a different story.  The hunters constructed it - out of scraps as they say.  It isn't insulated, and when  they ran water to it after the well, the pipes aren't well insulated.  That means they will break.  Guess how they found that out!

So - they are supposed to be out tomorrow to fix that cut off and hopefully add others so that there isn't only the one.  When G called to make sure they were coming, they said they would rather do it next week.  Well, sorry.  You are in business.  They had a hard freeze last night, so this repair needs to be done.

I thought SIL would be up tomorrow to hunt, but that trip has been postponed.  I volunteered to go (not willingly), and he said it I went, we could stay longer.  Oops - that killed that deal.

So I am here.  I am so enjoying my time, I know I won't get anything done that I had planned.  I will be relishing my peace!


Jeanette said...

Oh yes, definitely enjoy your time alone! My hubby went hunting Nov. 15 for three days and I loved my time alone!

JuJu said...

Ahhhh. Listen to that! That's the sound of peace and quiet. Ahhhhh.

Enjoy it girl. Watch whatever YOU want to watch.