Sunday, December 02, 2012


Here is it - almost 2 pm.  I was supposed to be sitting selling all kinds of things - clothes pin holders, tea light covers, little girls' dresses, those blasted purses that I thought would sell and haven't, aprons, and other thingies for Christmas.  You see what I am doing.  Right - I am sitting here on the computer in my breakfast room.

My friend, new crafting partner, fellow church member has had a terrible month.  They had planned to have some things to sell.  Her parents are both demented and her mother is so very frail.  She would have helped me, but I cannot be so crass as to use her for just manual labor to set up and tear down and yet make no money.  So I pulled the plug.

Last night I went to the craft room to put away the mess.  Of course, Uverse crapped out on us yesterday.  I was headed out to the Women's Group Christmas lunch, and G had no tv.  You should know by now, he has  no skill with doing things like that.

I had the brilliant idea to bring a wireless receiver in here to attach to the big tv.  Didn't work.  To cut to the chase here, we got in a huge argument, I left late for the lunch (mad as a hornet), and repair was called.

When repair got here, the tv worked great.  He wanted to check the others.  One is in the craft room.  Need I say more there??  The other was in the bedroom where things are disorganized (to say the least) and I had thrown things to get to the receiver.  In other words, a mess also.  I was not a happy camper.  But FIVE more months, that's all that's on the contract.  Yea!

A side note.  I think Shadow has a death wish.  Simone is good with him, but he is going too far!  She had her night time cookie that she gets after going out to take care of business.  She was going between the two chairs to get to the hall where she habitually eats them.  That stupid cat jumps on her back!!  He rides her all the way to the hall.  I am surprised we still have a black cat.  I guess I need to go to Daughter's house to get Angelica to teach that cat another lesson!  He will be on the china cabinet again!


JuJu said...

Oh, he was just looking for a joyride!! Silly kitty.

Judy said...

Sorry about having to cancel the craft show--I would have been angry, depressed, crying--all the work you have put toward it. Stupid cat. Stupid husband. Stupid life--sometimes it seems too much!

Marti said...

Oh I'm sorry you had to cancel. So much work involved. I hate to see you put it all away. Have you tried Etsy?

Boy that cat is living dangerously. In the words of Jackie Gleason "One of these days Shadow, Pow!"