Friday, December 14, 2012

Almost over

My time in heaven is almost over.  I don't know exactly when it will end, but the time is drawing close.

Last night I was disgusted enough to clean out his bathroom.  I cannot believe that he who makes snide remarks about clutter could live with absolute filth like he has been doing.  I feel as though I should bring in a tanker truck with disinfectant to spray it down.  Yeah, it was that bad.

Then I set about getting rid of the cluttter that had accumulate beside the bed.  I am honest.  It was there.  It was dusty, but not unsanitary unless you are allergic to dust.  Excuse me while I sneeze for about an hour.

While doing that, I inadvertently un-plugged all the downstairs phones, and the one upstairs isn't loud enough to be heard down here.  While it was rather blissful, I am completely unaware of my family's life.  G may have called.  Daughter may have called.  Don't know.

The outside light timer is still not working properly.  I set it again yesterday.  It should be working, unless the time got redone for some reason.  The time showing on it isn't correct, so I guess I will have to go through all the steps again.

I know G hates that thing.  I wanted it so the outside light at the driveway would come on and go off on a schedule since we are gone so much.  It's great.  When it works.  When it doesn't, it is a pain.

So i better get busy finishing up the cleaning in the bedroom and then turn my attention to that blasted timer.

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judemiller1 said...

You are busy, but it's a nice, quiet busy. I always liked when "he" went up north deer hunting. A whole week of--whatever I wanted to do--and no one barking at me. Enjoy!!!