Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free, free again.

Yes!! I am free again until about 3 on Friday afternoon, no probably 1 or 2 pm.  I forgot, SIL has gone with G, and he always wants to get up early and he drives like a bat out of .....

 But - I am free until then.  Part of my freedom was devoted to a funeral for one of our dear volunteer fire fighters - a veteran of 38 years!  When manning a hose got to be too much, he took over as chauffeur.  It would  be rather scary - thinking of an 80 year old driving a huge pumper about the neighborhood,   but he was sharp and fit.  It didn't scare any of the crew.

I was surprised that the attendance was only about half of what I expected, but I think the timing wasn't really good.  A lot of people had to work -and they may have vacation coming up so that if they miss work now, their vacation is looked upon poorly.  Many of his friends probably have either died or are in "nursing homes" which is where he and his beloved wife is now.

So there we are - the entire (or at least pretty much entire) volunteer department seated in the front rows.  The service is going on, and suddenly the chief and three of the EMS were called out.  They came back in another section of the church.  There was a medical emergency.  Fitting, right??

The chicken/rice is going well.  I think I am going to be doing this for a while. Quite. A. While.  It is a mess.  It takes the stock pot, another small pot for the broth, a bowl to measure and mix, and then into her bowl.  Then the storage container for the next meal(s).

I think it is going to be expensive too.  Yesterday I completely forgot to buy the chickens (Can I possibly still have chemo brain after 6 years??).  So I went back today.  When I got home, I realized she is eating better than we are.  She has ORGANIC chickens.  I have to watch that the next time.  But these two chickens will get us definitely to Friday when we check in with the vet.

So far so good though.  No spewage.  No gas.  We can remain in the room with her - and not gag.  No rumbly in the tumbly (thanks Pooh).

We went back to SIL and Daughter's last night to celebrate the real birthday.    Doodle Bug ( the five year old girl) did her usual.  She didn't eat.  But then it was fish.  I wasn't told it would be fish until we sat down.  I am not a fish eater either, so I certainly can't say anything about DB.  But it was good fish!!

I was amazed she ate the asparagus - two servings.  Monkey Boy ate the fish, asparagus and salad.  He didn't eat the shrimp - they were spicy.  He absolutely amazed me.  He was a non-eater too.  He ate only junk.

I felt sorry for SIL.  He was so proud of getting a "gourmet" birthday cake.  It was beautiful with white chocolate and butter cream frosting.  Daughter HATES butter cream.  He was saying he remembered her saying at our friend's wedding how much she liked butter cream and was so glad that wedding cake was butter cream.  Needless to say, she ate no cake.

When he buys gifts he leaves the tags on them because he knows she is going to take it back.  And so goes the sweater he bought.  And that's why I haven't bought her cologne yet.   I am smart enough to wait until I get instructions!!


JuJu said...

Oh, more freedom! And at this crazy time of year, good for you!!

I bet your friend was giggling when he saw his friends get called out of his funeral service. Love it!

judemiller1 said...

I hope you have time for a Merry Christmas. You are such a good mother to Simone.