Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad Grandma

Several days ago, I told Daughter I would keep the two younger ones while she and Lady Bug went to the first night of the swim meet (that I will talk about later).

She called last night to see how I was doing.  Well, since Simone looked ready to spew again, and I was having the rumbly tumbly again, I said not well.  It was then she reminded me of my promise.  She decided that the kids wouldn't be coming here.

I have to admit.  Even though my guilt was palpable, I was not disappointed that I wouldn't be picking the kids up from school and keeping them for about four hours.  The way I feel right now I think I could do it.  Simone seems to be ok, but that is a tenuous condition with her.

I love those kids, but they can be quite a drain.  At their house, they own the TV.  That isn't true here.  The Disney Channel drives me absolutely nuts. Plus they want to watch those pre-teen sit-coms.  Have you ever sat through even 10 minutes of that stuff?  Horrible.

So, the title "Bad Grandma" is a true fit.  I really am not up to it.

I also wonder if I am up to the craft show this weekend.  This is the only one I do these days.  And it is only 4 hours - 5 if you count set-up.  The swim meet means that Daughter and LB won't be able to help - because of the swim meet that lasts three days.  My new "partner" has her hands full with her aging parents who are both exhibiting severe signs of dementia.  She emailed me with the fact she and her daughters don't have much to add to the sale.

I am about to email her to ask if she just wants to pull the plug.  I know she would like to get into the craft shows to add to her income - especially when she retires.

Don't know what I want to do.  To top it all off, the coordinator of the craft show is changing how we check in and set up.  I had the other way down pat.  Now I am not sure if I can handle this way.

Oh, decisions!


JuJu said...

I think what I like most about getting older is figuring out how to say "no" and "not right now" in the nicest of ways....


judemiller1 said...

Those younger's sure are tiring!!! I let them watch whatever they want--that way I can sit in my recliner and kind of zone out.


this is when i would say 'fuckit' and go read a book.

Cheyenne said...

The only little ones I have to worry about are the cats. I have no grandchildren. My daughter is childless. My husband's 3 grand-kids are grown and were never really in our lives. I don't feel less of a person without grandchildren.

I hope you are feeling better by now.