Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And we lived happily ...

Thanksgiving was a good holiday this year. On Thanksgiving day, our little house on the hill had 11.

Son and DIL arrived about midnight on Thursday morning. Their trip was fairly easy - if any trip through the Texas hill country in the dark can be considered easy. There were herds of deer along the roads - especially the county roads - to keep them on their toes. But they made it.

They were going to leave Friday at about 5 to go a little further to her Dad's ranch. I hated to see them go, but what can you do? At least we had them for a while. Wiggle Worm was just warming up to all of us. He hadn't spent that much time with us in his entire life. Then Little Teeny was just what you would expect of a two month old!

Daughter and SIL stayed until Saturday morning. But Friday night we got out the board games. the kids had a great time playing Chinese Checkers among other games.Then the house was quiet. Very, very quiet.

Packing before the trip brought its usual fights here on the home front. We were taking the big screen plasma set up there. We were cautioned to not let it tip on its front as the plasma would be too heavy and cause the glass to break. G has no spacial abilities, and he will admit it 99% of the time. Guess when the 1% is.

I envisioned it against the tool box in the truck, but the wheel wells sticking out stopped that from happening. I knew that I needed my elastic cargo net. I spent the day Wednesday untangling it. It had just gotten thrown in the garage. I finally moved the set along one side of the truck bed. I was trying to get the net over which was a challenge because I have been told specifically not to get on my new knees like that. So I needed G's help. Since he can't visualize what I am doing, he will fight rather than listen. Such fun was had!


All the while we were there, I was without any WiFi. I was able to provide it to SIL and Daughter, but this computer will not allow me to connect to WiFi -- at all. I am going to have to do something about it before we go back. We will be there for a while around Christmas, and with G retiring, we will be there much more. This isn't a good situation!


We also discovered that "someone" had been on the property. They left behind a bag of bloody towels that apparently had been used on something they killed. In addition they left a lot of shells on the hunters' cabin porch that fell after they shot up my bird feeder (14 holes in it) and a couple of holes in our little drop feeder. They must have had some kind of automatic weapon. We know it was our nephew and his gang. Our houses are the closest of the ones there. I also know, even when G would deny it, that D was always on our property when he lived with his mom.

We called all the neighbors, including his mom, to look out for anyone on our property. She said "they don't do things like that anymore." She knows they did it! We also called the Game Warden. He had already talked to them about being on other family land where they didn't belong that day. He has talked to them about their placement of a feeder as well. He knows them well, and he, too, knows they trespassed.

I just hope they get the idea that someone is watching - including one who can put them in jail. D needs to learn there are boundaries, and in our case he crossed fence lines. It wasn't just a road that divided the property.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Peace be with you.

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judemiller1 said...

Good grief! It's not bad enough to have vandals, but to have them be family members? Glad you had a good time anyway.