Thursday, November 18, 2010

A breather from shopping - for a bit!

What a change from last year. I can shop! It doesn't completely do me in with part of one store. Yesterday I set out at 1 PM and I made three stores. I was through at 3PM and not because my knees were screaming. I ran out of space in the truck.

We have a four door F150 and there is a tool box on the back. That would have been some storage, but it opens on both sides. I would have spend a good deal of time running back and forth trying to keep one edge open while trying to get the other open. So I opted for the backseat floor. We still had the doggy blanket in there, so it did a good job of covering the packages I put there.

The only real concern was when I went to Big L**s. This one is not a nice store, as they can be. I bought some bulky things at Target, and then more here. The Big store is right next to Hobby Lobby where I really needed to go next. With the changing neighborhood I was in, I was really apprehensive about putting those packages in the back and walking off.

I considered driving about the parking lot and park again, but I thought that was just plain silly. I practically ran through Hobby Lobby!! I was quite relieved when I came out to find I was not a victim of a smash and grab. I really wasn't sure.

So, my credit card has gotten a workout yesterday. It is going to get another today as I venture out for the grocery shopping that will include Thanksgiving. Since we will be at the SSB, I have to be sure I have everything.

DIL and son were to be with us, but Daddy Warbucks (her dad) is winning for part of the time. They will leave here the afternoon of Wednesday. Having to stop in San Antonio, they will be in late on Wednesday. Then Friday afternoon they will be leaving for Daddy's ranch. I have to say I am really disappointed. I don't get to spend that much time with them as it is. Well - the old poem comes into play - a son is a son until he takes a wife.

Daughter and SIL will be with us until Saturday morning. His parents are so messed up, they aren't going to see them at either holiday. Every single one of them needs money, and that's all they want from the kids here. It is a sad situation. They really live from moment to moment, but partially because they don't look at income and compare it to outgo. I should talk right now. I haven't done that either. I will have to take money from another account (ouch) to cover this upcoming credit card!! But I don't do this as a natural fact. It is only on occasion - like Christmas.

Again sorry about putting the restrictions on the comments. I tried to be open, and I got spam there. So ...

Peace be with you

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Marti said...

Sorry you are getting spammed. I keep picking up spyware. Some people just have way too much time on their hands, and too little brain to do anything constructive.

I am so happy you are able to get out and get shopping done. I haven't started yet, but it's not because of the walking I'm afraid. I can't seem to find my round tuit.