Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There they are!

Here is daughter and the three kidlets. Doodle Bug (on daughter's lap) has her famous look. This is how 90% of her pictures turn out. Monkey Boy - to the right - is completely incognito! I don't know what that costume ism supposed to be. I thought it was going to be something from Star Wars. Could he be Hans Solo??? Don't know.

Anyway - just glad that day is over. I really don't like Halloween at all. It does seem to be calmer here than usual. When I was out Monday, there were all sorts of pumpkins still intact. Some were even at the street which would have been like an open invitation for smashing. Perhaps next year I will feel confident enough to stay at the SSB.

In my manic/depression that is attacking me these days, I am back on the depressed side again. I would swear my old nemesis menopause is back. The weather has produced a cool snap, and the thought of turning on the heat is sending me right up the wall. In fact, I haven't changed our thermostat over to where the heat will come on - at all. I can set it for air conditioning and heat, but I don't want the heat. I know the a/c comes on at 9:30 because it is set to be cold (68-70) for sleeping.

There is really no pearls of wisdom to impart here - like there ever were. I just feel I will just keep whining about how bad things feel. So - I am going to try to find something productive to do. My addiction to the computer is having to end because there aren't too many more places for me to stick my nose - just some free embroidery designs to add to the 25,000 I already have. Me an addictive personality? Heavens no!

Oh - I don't love Daughter more than Son - I am just terrible at uploading pictures to this place. His just suffered from being first.
Peace be with you.


judemiller1 said...

Cute pictures on both days.

Cheyenne said...

Well, if it's any consolation, I don't like Halloween either.

And I barely have the heat on. I always dread when we have to turn it on.