Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Here and there

I have been thinking of writing an essay to the magazine that is printed by my religion. We get a monthly Lutheran, but I don 't know if they would even consider my essay. I am wondering just where my church has gone. I look for it, but I cannot find it.

I know the young people are not sticking with the ritualistic church as we have known. They are going to these huge non-denominational churches that are really not that at all. They have their feet firmly in the Baptist church, but they don't have that as a link because they don't embrace all the tenets of that religion.

So now the Lutherans are moving that way. Part of our service used to include one of the creeds - Apostles, etc. Not any more. There is no liturgy. The pastors don't wear the garb. They are there in just a shirt and pants. Some will still don the stole for communion. Communion used to be the main emphasis of the service. It was placed after the sermon. Not any more. The music is all new wave Christian. We have a new hymnal, but sometimes it is not used. But even there, so many of the old familiar and comforting hymns are gone. The new hymnal is full of new ones. I just don't know where my old church is. If there is a more "typical, old style" service - it is on Saturday night or the early service. So the main, highlighted service is the new one - that the young people still are not flocking to.

I find the new churches that are non-denominational are there to make you feel good. The music is supplied by a band with speakers that are booming. Communion is just a brief thought - hey - it's in the isle behind the first set of chairs - help yourself. The bread and wine has not been consecrated. It's still bread and wine. Meanwhile, the rock show continues with lights flashing, and the music booming through huge speakers. And the "message" which takes the place of the sermon doesn't give you a challenge, it doesn't inspire you to work to become better - it is "I'm ok - you're ok." Things are good. You are good.

Well enough of my bitching. That's exactly what I have been doing. It isn't the essay I would like to present to the magazine, but it is just my thoughts spilling out. And that's enough.

This is same song, different verse. Yesterday, G watched Simone walk into a table outside. It has been there longer than she has been here! I thought nothing of it - until. Yep, later she came and put her head in my lap. It was later alright - 15 minutes before the vet's office closed. Her left eye was watering, red, and that third eyelid was halfway over the eye. So we went this morning. She scratched the cornea. Boxer problem with those beautiful, soulful bulging eyeballs.

So she got to go for a ride. We now have the ointment for that scratch. She is to go back next week to see how it is healing. Been there many times with a boxer. Not my first rodeo! Since she was already there, they worked her in for a bath and pedicure. And I am a lot lighter in the wallet.

I wonder if we could claim the vet clinic on our income tax????


OH, and I went to pick up my sewing machine. The place that accepts USB was broken - again. The guy that repairs them said not to let it happen again. He doesn't know how many more will be covered. I wanted to unload on him. I certainly didn't try to break that d*** thing. How ridiculous. I really think I will not take it there for repair anymore. I think they really believe I am doing this because I don't know how to use the stupid thing.

If it breaks again, I may go somewhere else and trade it for a different brand of machine. He just set me off!!

I have babbled enough. I probably should just hit delete, but I'm going to let this out.

Peace be with you.

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