Thursday, November 04, 2010

It is just the same stuff over and over

I know my sewing machine won't really be ready until next week, but I sit here and wish for a miracle! The earliest should be next Monday, but I keep thinking they will call me at any time. Just wishing my life away with this.

I have PT again. She is working my abdominals. I hate it. Absolutely. If I had just a smidge of prodding, I would call and cancel that appointment. It isn't just going. That is bad enough, the main doctor is doing the injections there on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. So in addition to just clinic days, there are those who come over to PT for the heat and electrical stimulations.

Clinic days are, well, interesting. The collection of people is across the board. Some of them make me wonder if they are just there to get the drugs. Usually each person there is accompanied by someone. The waiting room is usually crowded and noisy. With my current mind set, I would like to crawl into the bag I bring to hold my calendar and book. I am really shy these days.

I had said I would get pictures of my poor little moth-eaten kitty. He hasn't cooperated except when I have my phone. So I tried to email some pictures to myself. They are lost in cyberspace. Guess I will try again. His hair is growing out for the most part - thankfully. He looks pretty normal. I think we over reacted. G says he will never be nauseated again! Vomit and get cut open.

I really thought I had something to say, but this is just stupid rambling. Sorry for the waste of space and time!

Peace be with you.

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