Monday, November 22, 2010

Sewing, no sewing

In my quest to find a repair facility other than where I bought my machine, I found some really nice places - places I only wish I had known about before. The first has been in business forever! I found they have classes - lots of classes. They carry the sister to my machine - same thing but has another name on it. It sells for less too. Anyway, I will be checking in with them a lot more. Their repair guy was really great. When you don't use your brain ...

I ended up taking the machine to a sewing/quilting shop that sells the machines. They have a guy that does the repair, and they are going to order the part. I was explaining why I think there is a defect in the design, I proved myself right. The owner and I looked at one of the fancy Brother machines - one that would be equivalent to mine. Those little points have protection around them They aren't just jutting out into space like mine. I feel somewhat vindicated. I also don't have to have remarks made by the other place's repair guys.

The real downside it that I will be without the machine for at least two weeks. Our little hometown craft show is before I get it back. Well -that's the way it happens.

I emailed the company with my complaint about the port. I doubt anything will come of it. But I made my point. It is a design flaw. I really am thinking about changing machines soon anyway. I really like the Brothers. And the Brother club where I go for the Janome club is a lot more fun. Those gals are something.

So all that's left is for me to get things together for our trip to the SSB. I am anal about things. I want to be sure that we have enough of everything. If not it does mean a 45 minute trip - one way. No one wants to do that.

We will be putting the big tv there - if it makes it in one piece. We ended up getting a plasma. I didn't think there would be a big difference in performance. The difference is in the transport. This one has to be upright, otherwise the plasma gets too heavy and breaks the glass in the screen. I might have known this had I not been in cameras looking for that blasted ATA card!

Peace be with you.

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Marti said...

Good for you in standing your ground and finding another shop who will listen to you. What is the fix for this design flaw?