Saturday, November 06, 2010

I guess they are just too exciting.

Today I ventured out to the high school's FFA Craft Show. This was partially to see how my new knees would fare, and to check out the back. Lady Bug was also singing in the elementary school choir. I think I talked about that yesterday, but you know my memory. Anyway, I get up early, get breakfast done for G, and I am out the door.

When I get there, it is already a madhouse. The parking is way out in the field already, so I slapped the handicapped tag onto the mirror and asked the guy directing traffic if there were any spaces up by the exhibition hall. Well, good old country boy that he was - he had absolutely no idea. His job was to stand out there and direct cars onto the grassy field.

I went on up and circled about a bit. I managed to cuss a couple of SUVs that took enough room for three cars because they didn't know how to park. If the space between them and the next vehicle was just a smidge bigger, I would have been able to shoe horn my little Pontiac in there. I purposely didn't take the truck for that very reason. But three rows over I got my spot.

LB was with the kids across the street. That mom was taking them. They were still here when I left, so I thought I would see them at the show. But that wasn't to be. I poked about a bit, and most of the crap at the show was just that. It was crap that was bought in some discount places - we have one here called Harwin where the places are regularly hit my the police for selling knock off merchandise. But everything they have is CHEAP. That is what I was seeing. Crafts - made by hands - very few.

While I was waiting in the show barn (I told you it was FFA!!!) for the choir, I saw an ambulance come in with all its lights flashing. I didn't know where the attendants went for the longest time. When I finally decided to take another small stroll around the crafts, I saw where they were. In one of the booths, there was a woman about 85 sitting on the floor having fainted I am guessing by the questioning I heard when I passed.

The reason this sticks in my mind is that when we did the show in Mason, a woman went down right in front of our booth. That time, it was heat related. This time I don't know the cause. I guess these craft shows are just getting too exciting for us old folks!!

I looked at most of the booths. I didn't find anything I couldn't manage to live without. I was really sort of killing time trying to find LB and my neighbor. I made one final pass down an isle. It was going to be my last. It was then I saw it. The thing I couldn't live without. When I hang it at the SSB I will take a picture and post it. It was the thing I had been looking for. It had a relative there I also wanted, but couldn't figure a way to hang them both without them looking stupid. I can't wait to get them up and post a picture. You'll just have to wait. So much for the excitement of the craft show.

Peace be with you.

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JuJu said...

What a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see what it is!!