Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today is a little of this and a little of that. Nothing earth shattering at all.

Shadow is a big boy now. He has gotten his rabies shot. Next month he gets to use the big boy Advantage for cats. He is only 5 pounds now, and he has to be 9. That will be next month at his rate of growth.

Yesterday, G's mother called. I thought it might be to note my birthday. The first time she called, I was thankful for caller ID. She never said a word, is was just heavy breathing. Now I am notorious for addressing obscene callers - it isn't pretty. The second time, she hung up as soon as I answered. About noon, she called again. Her question was if we were going to the big family reunion this weekend - knowing the answer to this all along. She wants us to stop in the Capitol City to pick her up.

The problem with this? Well, let's see. We travel to the SSB in the BIG F250. I have trouble getting in. She is supposedly so infirm that she used to have people chauffeur her around in her car - no demands or anything. I do not see how in the world she is going to hoist herself into that truck (besides her arthritis, back problems, she is 88).

The second problem is we are usually loaded with stuff. This time, we will have Simone AND Shadow. I'm glad Lady Bug said she needed to stay with Daughter to help out since SIL will be out of town.

The third problem is that we will be leaving here after noon. That means we will be late getting to the SSB (at least a 5 hour drive - now extended by probably another 45 minutes), but fortunately Son and family will be going tomorrow. We won't have to unlock the gap in the dark.

If MIL was a nice person, it wouldn't be quite as bad, but she NEVER calls us. My family doesn't get birthday cards, and Christmas is acknowledged because the whole family is usually together. She has verbally attacked me on several occasions for no real reason. She has been so hard on G his entire life. His dad worked for the rail road and was gone a lot. She actually abused him when his dad was gone.

Well - enough venting about her.

Something I am thankful for (gotta be positive) is the spell check on the computers. I have never been a good speller. Take that and add 29 years of teaching 13 year olds, your spelling really gets bad. It is so comforting to be writing and have the computer proof read for me! Not only am I a poor speller - I am a terrible proof reader. I know some of the little red underlines escape, and there is one in this paragraph that I am leaving, but what a blessing. And this coming from an English minor!!

So this hasn't been too bad. Two good things and one venting.



judemiller1 said...

I have heard there are "word" people and there are "number" people. I am a word people and can spell and put a sentence together and all that, but I am no good with logic or math. Maybe you are a number people? (Well of course people should read person in this paragraph--I was just trying to be funny with my grammar.)

Grandma K said...

You were funny!

I'm not sure I am a number people either. G tells me constantly that biology majors (me) are just chemistry majors that can't do math. Pretty much guilty as charged.