Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This weekend is going to be rough to be sitting under the pecan trees hawking our wares. For a while, it looked like the temperatures might be in the mid to upper 90's, but the weather gurus are predicting 101.

I sent our reservation in early this year. I am so hoping we get on the east side of the Courthouse. In the past, I have been a little late, and we end up on the west side. It has always been hot, but with the big trees, it was tolerable.

As usual, I tossed and turned instead of falling asleep thinking about all the items I had planned to make, and didn't. After every show, I promise myself that I will discipline myself to go up every day to sew. It just doesn't happen. Then comes the next show (there are 6 month intervals here), and I still haven't done everything I want to do!

In other trivia, Simone went for her bath today. When I called yesterday, the guy that is there in the evenings teased me when I asked if she could get a bath today. He told me I could bathe her when ever I wanted. I was so proud of her. Instead of going for a drag to the back, she actually walked. I did have to go with her, but she actually walked. It might be due to the fact that for the last bath the big guy came out and carried her back!

So it's off to the SSB tomorrow morning. I hoped Daughter and family would be coming then, but she ended up having her boss work with her tomorrow. We needed SIL to unhook the dishwasher so they will take it away when they bring the new one on Friday. I guess G and I will have to learn how!

Lady Bug will be going with us tomorrow. After the last time she decided not to spend the night - I am a little worried. I still think that came about because of the sewing lesson. Kids! They are so hard to read sometime. But she seems to be genuinely excited and happy about going with us. I don't think it is just because she is getting away from her brother.

Monday will be a trial. We are stopping by the lake house - for the last time. It is going to close by the end of the month it seems. We are getting some of the furniture that Daughter wants, and I will do a final walk though. It is going to be an emotional time I'm afraid.
If you aren't under this high pressure system and it is relatively cool, send me some with your thoughts! I will need it when I am under those trees!


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judemiller1 said...

How I wish I could send you some of our lovely weather--we are below normal in July temperatures at just around 77-80. I love it, but feel bad for you. I always look up the temps for Texas and groan for you--I could never take that kind of heat!!!

I hope there are not many tears on your last walk through in the lake house.