Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another headache

My driver's license expires on my birthday this year. No big deal, right? No it is a big deal. This year, everyone whose driver's license expires has to go to the office to renew because the card will be encoded with car insurance information. So when you are pulled over for speeding, the police knows if you have insurance, immediately - I guess.

Now even THAT wouldn't be a problem, but since Swampland is, what, the fourth largest city in the states, we have a lot of people. A lot of people means a lot of people will be having their license expiring on their birthdays. Should still be no problem, but it is. You see, we only have about six offices in Swampland, and one of those is closed for renovations.

This means that the lines are looooooooooong. This means that ol' Grandma K would have to stand for a long time. She cannot do that little thing. Now, in theory, one is supposed to be able to make an appointment. That would probably be true, IF their phone wasn't busy 24/7 (at least I think it is). I honestly believe there is a single line into their office.

To rub salt into wounds, there are two counties close by my house (which is a small city in the far northwest corner of our county) that each have a driver's license office. They have a few citizens in their counties. One of the offices is about 45 minutes away and the other is an hour away. Guess where I am going on Friday! Yes, I'm putting my behind into my car, getting Daughter in Law and Wiggle Worm to go with me, and heading north to a smaller county. While we are there, we will go to a large farmer's market to get our fruits and veggies for the week.

In addition to that problem, the department has a virus infecting their computers. Normally, it take about 45 days to get your renewal. That isn't happening these days. The little paper thingy is expiring before the new card comes. They are asking police to be lenient with expired paper temporary licenses. You can't win in this situation. I foresee a ticket in my future that I will have to take months to settle. Either that, or when we are on vacation, my passport card will not be identification enough, and I will have an expired driver's license.

Life is strange isn't it? At least getting services is.


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