Monday, July 27, 2009

And the heavens opened . . .

I chose a small local seafood restaurant for our celebratory birthday dinner last night. Their menu is a little more limited than the big seafood place here, but their quality is just as good with portions that are for normal people - not competitive eaters.

As we were on the way, we could see bolt lightening around the area. Showers have been all around us for several days (which we loved), but we had not gotten any rain to speak of. I really thought those showers would just go on by.

We all got to the restaurant at the same time. That was absolutely amazing. I knew Son, Daughter in Law and Wiggle Worm would get there with us because Son had been assembling my new sewing cabinet which was my birthday present from G. But Daughter and brood were getting out of the car too.

I had been worried about the restaurant being able to handle ten of us at once, so G stopped there earlier in the day to check. We certainly shouldn't have worried. They ought to close on Sunday nights! I don't think they served more than 15 people other than us the entire time we were there which was from 6:30 - 8.

While we were sitting there, the skies darkened - and not from nightfall. The winds picked up, and the thunder and lightning got worse and worse. The lights dimmed several times, and we joked with Daughter in Law about eating in Cow Village and the lights going out (that happened last Monday).

After a bit, the winds were really howling. We looked out and a tent they had put up for something that was going on the previous evening collapsed. Then the hail started. The rain was a real toad strangler.

That was a wonderful birthday present however. The rain is a blessed event around here. We had a good time, good food (even Monkey Boy ate - a corn dog and french fries, but that is another story), a good visit, and a good rain. It was really all good!

If the Comcast gods allow my connection to continue - I'll post this. Hope your Sunday was as good as mine!


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judemiller1 said...

Happy, Happy--you will love next year--Medicare pays for a lot of stuff that we otherwise could not afford. Actually you should get it now as you are in your 65th year--having completed 64--my kids always like to point that out to me--especially when I complain about my age. "Oh Mom, you aren't really 70--you are really in your 71st year." Brats!!! all of them!!!

Love seafood, wish I had been there with ya.