Friday, July 17, 2009

My incredible luck

My luck, or lack of same, still holds strong. Today was the day Daughter in Law and I chose to go to a small city north of here to get my driver's license renewed. What should have been easy is going to end with me in a drugged haze.

We left a bit late, but that wasn't the cause of the problem. The problem was one that we couldn't have known about. The Junior High students from another town in that county had come to take the test for their learner's permit. All ten of them. The Driver's License Office hold six people.

We got there, walked around the building to the door where we encountered three people waiting outside. We were told that the office was full, and we would be called for. The real problem here was simple - there were no benches. That is why I chose what I thought would be easy. I knew the Swampland offices had no benches and a lot of people.

After a bit, we decided we could go in. There was nothing apparently happening. Just a bunch of hormonal teens around. There were a couple of people ahead of the teens who also needed just to renew. They finally got through, and the ONE clerk began with the testees.

I managed to find a desk to park myself in to ease the pain in my knees, feet and back. But then the clerk said the desks needed to be emptied as the tests were going to begin. So, I was standing again.

All in all, I stood for a good hour. I am so miserable right now that mere words don't cover it. I finally got my renewal - which is running two months late! It's me and the paper receipt, baby. What should take no more than 45 days is not 10-12 weeks.

I would love to find humor in this. I really would. But there isn't any. I am off to take one of my horded post surgery pain pills. I hate to do it, but this is a qualifying circumstance. Then I know I'll slip into a quasi-sleep.

Hope your weekend is good. Ours has potential. We are supposed to be getting a cool front bringing rain and greatly reduced temperatures. The predicted highs are 10 degrees cooler that what we have had. I can't remember when I looked forward to 93-95 for highs, but I surely do now. There is also rain in the area. We will be truly blessed if this all comes about.



judemiller1 said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO know how you feel!!!!!!!

flying eagle woman said...

this made my knees ache...and it made my brain hurt - hordes of hormonal teens oh PLEASE!!!!! glad you had the "relief" to follow!
:-) smiles...