Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yep, one year away from Medicare. With mixed emotions, I am looking forward to that because then my health insurance costs decrease dramatically. That's important! Here in Texas, we retired teachers have not had a raise in our annuity in eight years, and it doesn't look promising in the near future. Last week we got a message in the Bulletin that if the state attorney general approves, we will be blessed with an extra $500 at the end of the year. Oh be still my beating heart! I'll try to not spend it in one place.

Yes the body is 64 years old, and I think I feel every day of them. But the mind is still, oh, let's say 16! We have been married 41 years in a couple of weeks. Just where did all the time go? I can't believe those numbers.

Tonight we will go to dinner with the family. Getting them all together - in a restaurant - is always fun. Monkey Boy and Doodle Bug get bored - quickly. It really gets to be a circus. But I am really glad we can gather as a family.

G "gave" me a new sewing cabinet for my birthday. I went to the store and bought it. Now I have to wait for Son to put it together. I really wish things would be sold in their usable form! There is no way in God's green earth I could get that thing together. It is in TWO boxes, and it is the smallest one they sell. OMG!

It is a very quiet day. The temperatures have moderated - a bit. There is rain in the area, but we seldom get it here. Galveston has been getting quite a bit, and I am thankful for them. Ike really did a number on them. The salt water remained on land for a long time, and the land is highly saline. Trees have died, and crops won't grow. They have been below their rainfall for a long time, and the rain is really needed to wash out the salt.

Hope your Sunday is peaceful and restful.



Susan Adcox said...

Remember the Beatles song, "Will you still need me, while you still feed me, when I'm 64!" Well, evidently you have someone to need and feed you (or vice versa), so count your blessings. Happy Birthday!

angela said...

Happy Birthday! Any age is a good age--still we think the thoughts and take the journey. Blessings for a healthy, active year!

judemiller1 said...

Why didn't G put it together? I am just nosey.

Grandma K said...

Good question Jude! His mechanical abilities are somewhere between slim and none . . . Once he "fixed" an edger with a hammer - and then put it out for the trash. There really wasn't anything wrong with it before he "fixed" it. I wanted my cabinet in one piece! And sturdy.