Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Break out the overcoats!

Talk about a cold front! The temperature only got to about 93 yesterday! This morning - rain. Are we back in the right universe?

Seriously, this is a nice break from the oppressive heat we have been experiencing, but the weather gurus tell me that our resident high pressure system is lonely and moving back over us. It will remain there for another indefinite time keeping us snugly warm under its blanket of hot air.

I knew the weather was going to change, but this time it wasn't my knees, hip, and back that warned me. I went out yesterday to buy the spray paint to repaint the clothing stand I need for Saturday. If I have an outdoor activity that has to be done today - it will rain. Of course G, in his usual manner, reminded me that I could have done that painting this past weekend. Yep, could have - except I didn't want to get out to the store.

Such is life. I am just glad we got the rain. Things are getting really bad. I see the sun is beginning to come back out. It will probably clear up later, and I can do my outside thing. The "feels like" temp will only be 120 with the humidity rather than 107 like it has been.


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angela said...

Glad to hear you are getting some relief! I would melt and faint regularly where you are. Blessings.