Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over my head

Technology. It has left me in the dust!

My internet connection is still wonky. Since Friday, it will be on and off. In fact, as I am writing, my wi fi keeps telling me it is reconnecting to the internet. That is not normal. I KNOW that as soon as I really need a connection - it will be off. That's what happened then. I call Comcast and get them to send a "refresh signal" and it works, usually, for a while.

I really thought I would be able to ditch Comcast and get an air card. I don't think so. The monthly rate is just too high. Daughter and SIL have them, but I think they get a special deal since they are through their business. I don't think my little craft business would qualify me for a special rate. I was really excited about an air card since it would give me access at the SSB, and since we are going on vacation in two weeks, it would give me access then. G tells me two of our hotels advertise free wi-fi. We'll see.

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday trying to transfer music from some of our vinyl collection onto my new Ipod. What a farce!! I finally got one side of one record on the Ipod four times. Not only did I have to learn how to interface the USB turntable with the laptop, I had to learn how to work the Ipod. I am still, obviously, fighting Itunes.

I chose an album that had two lp's. I have all four sides on the computer, but only one resides in Itunes. The others are in My Music. Today I will try to get those files from My Music into Itunes. What a way to spend the day. But I am going to try. We know from experience that traveling in the midwest there are areas that will not have radio transmissions. We thought the Ipod would be a great thing.

So with that in mind, I saw a little thingy that goes into the power port on the car that holds the Ipod, recharges it, and plays through your radio speakers. I was entranced. I ordered it. I don't remember from whom. Guess what! It doesn't fit any outlet in any of our vehicles. It must be for an 18 wheeler. The plastic part that is supposed to go into the hole is way too big. So we are basically back to square one with the exception of the fact that on my last forray into Wal Mart, I picked up some little speakers that are meant for the Ipod and/or computer.

It is sad watching me struggle with technology. I used to be very up to date. I was a go to person at school. I could get the computers working, I could get all the audio-visual stuff working. I could do it all. Now I cannot even hook up the DTV. I am totally intimidated by it. I want to hook up a dvd player to the little vcr/tv (I know - obsolete) that is in the sewing/craft room. I don't know how. Sad.

Time to waste with transferring music now.



judemiller1 said...

I too feel left behind--I used to be so computer savvy. As for the IPod, sometimes when traveling in the car, we think it is just nice to turn off the music and listen to...nothing. Just watch the passing view.

Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


Sorry to hear your internet has been spotty. If you'd like our team to investigate this, please email us at the address below. We'd be happy to help.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

Susan Adcox said...

How true this post is! I'm really proud of you (and of myself) that we tackle gadgets, but there aren't enough hours in the day to learn everything we need to know. Since we came of age in the pre-technology era, we are missing that intuitive sense for dealing with gadgets that our children and grandchildren have. Oh, well. It may take us longer, but we usually get it done!