Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is a terrible day for arthritis, and I don't know why. It began yesterday and continued into the night. It effected my sleep.

I tried to use the recumbent bike Tuesday. If my knees would rotate just a bit, the pain was terrible. I lasted five minutes, but it was difficult.

Yesterday, Son finished the sewing machine cabinet. He managed to get it upstairs himself, but while he was doing that (maybe that's why he moved it by himself), I was moving the old cabinet out of the way. That wasn't an easy task. When you have three machines set up, space is at a premium. I didn't want to move all the tables, so I sort of boxed myself into a corner several times. Plus my sewing chair is an old office chair, so it takes up quite a bit of space itself.

What does that have to do with anything - I think it added to my soreness.

I have finally made an appointment with the new orthopedic guy. They want my x-rays from the last doc. I hate to call to get them. His receptionist (assistant, whatever - only other one in the office) is really sweet, but the doctor is rather abrupt and rude. I didn't want his "lay it open to fix it" idea about the rotator cuff. G tells me the films are mine, not his, but I really hate to call to get them. I feel like asking the assistant when he won't be there.

This post may be a little disjointed. Lady Bug is here. I love her dearly - but she is a "ratchet jaw." She talks non stop! But I love her so!


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angela said...

I know that arthritis pain too--especially on humid days.

I remember going to a doc's office to collect my records and being taken to another room by the nurse, who proceeded to chew me out. I just didn't know the new dr. and had been advised to go elsewhere. Needless to say, she didn't change my mind.