Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Made it back

The weekend was like typical weekends when there are more than the two of us in the house at the SSB. There were time it was quiet (3 A.M.?), and there were times of absolute chaos. But we survived.

I was most concerned with the delivery of the new dishwasher. That should have been the least of my worries! That was the smoothest part, and even then it wasn't without it's snag. Friday morning, we got a call that it would be delivered between 11-12. That time came and went. About 1:30, the phone rang. The delivery person said he thought it was at our house and no one was home. No - he was at sister-in-law's house. Then he called saying he couldn't get through the cattle guard. We told him to use the gate. He hadn't seen the gate.

When Daughter and brood got there, SIL started getting ready to install the machine. It had no power cord. We decided we went into Bitty Town Saturday for the craft store, lets call the guy that has a store with one of everything under the sun. After he checked our genealogy, he looked and had a power cord. So the installation would have to wait.

Saturday the craft show was pretty good. Even with the temperature hovering around the 100 mark, it wasn't too bad. We had a great spot - not where I really wanted to be, but closer. We had traffic, but since we had to lower our prices to stay in line, we didn't make as much money.

Back home, SIL put the power cord on. Think that was it? No way! We needed a new water supply line. The one they sent with the machine ($20, thank you very much), didn't fit. So Sunday, a trip to Fritztown was scheduled. To cut to the chase with this part of the story, it finally is in and works!

Monkey Boy was an absolute brat the entire weekend. If something doesn't go his way, he whines and then cries about it. When he is told "no," he continues doing whatever it is. When he is like this, it sets the girls off. I thought "Pa," otherwise known as G, was about to step in, but he didn't -thank goodness.

Daughter, Lady Bug, and I picked up some kind of intestinal thingy. We have had our problems. It started with Daughter, then I got it, and Sunday, LB got it.

LB surprised me. At bed time, she put on the pj bottoms she made. I really thought she didn't like them. She hasn't committed to making the top yet though!

So now we are pretty much back to normal. I've still got things to unload, and I have to get Shadow from DIL.


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