Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don't know were my mind is!

Yesterday was Doodle Bug's second birthday. That's great isn't it. Another birthday. Whoo hoo - let's celebrate!

Only in my mind, I thought her birthday was TODAY! I am really beginning to wonder about my brain. For weeks, I have thought her birthday is today. When I talked to Daughter last night, she was cookin to DB about her birthday.

One big problem - I haven't been shopping for her. I did get the scrapbook made, but still . . . Aaannnnnd, I won't go shopping today either. I bought MY birthday present today after I went to the cardio doc. I am tired of holding my hands up in the air to sew, so I bought a new sewing table that fits my machine and brings me into the 21st century. The arthritis in my next was just too much for me to continue.

But the boxes (some assembly required) are still in the back of the truck. I don't know that I can move them. I can't lift things like I used to. Between the arthritis and the reconstruction that put a back muscle in my chest, I just can't do things.

At least I didn't
forget her birthday, I just had the wrong day!


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