Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For those who came back - milder day

While I am still bothered by things, I vented and let it go.  There is nothing I can do about it except look at what I do and work on me.

Doctor appointments/PT keep filling my day.  When I got back from the SSB I had a message from the cardio office.  They had made the appointment for the carotid doppler for me on Wednesday.   Surprise - I have two other appointments!  I got that one cancelled, but rescheduling is going to be difficult I know.  But I will give it a go.

I have found that I can walk better.  Yesterday for PT I had to park in the parking garage.  That entailed a lot of walking.  And I could do it without breaking into a sweat because of the pain.  In fact, I didn't have pain.  So the PT is definitely working on my back, but not my shoulders. Each time we work on them, I am in pain the next day.

I am a little upset with DIL - not enough to make an issue, but at the same time a bit put out.  They will be gone at Easter - again.  She has been good about rotating major holidays - except Easter.  Last year the excuse was that her grandmother had just passed, and they were going to the beach to be with her mom and get her mind off the death.  They are going again this year.

A few years my SIL suggested we rent a house at the beach next to or close to a house they would rent.  That way the families would have some extended time to be together and the second cousins play and get to know one another better.  DIL said she didn't like the beach.  Her actions have shown she apparently doesn't like the beach with OUR family.  She goes with her mom and also with her dad (they are divorced).  Oh well.  I just miss seeing my son.

Allergy season is alive and very well here in the Houston area.  Everything is blooming, and I am miserable.  G kept trying to tell me I had a cold (and gave it to him).  I stopped using the Flonase that I got from the pulmonary doc because it makes the glaucoma worse.  That has lasted one day.  I am miserable.  But I see the ophthalmologist on Wednesday.  That will be a primary question for her.  If not Flonase - what would she suggest.  Bet it won't be anything!!!

So today is eyeball puncture day.  Got a late appointment, and I am really worried about parking.  But G is dropping me off then going to a plant nursery for parts for the riding mower at the SSB (??? - doesn't seem to go together).  So I don't have to park.  He will afterwards!


Judy said...

So glad PT is helping your back--wish it would your shoulder's too. This whole aging process is a bummer, ain't it?


there are about 6-8 cities in Texas on the worse place to live if you have allergies list..Houston is 8th on the list I think..we're all croaking...hope your shoulder gets better soon.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I understand how you feel. My son moved to the west coast of Canada, 4000km away. I seldom see him. It is tough. He is safe in the bosom of his wife's family, though. They are expecting in a couple of months.
Truly, I see him more often than my son who lives an hour's drive away! Life is a strange one.