Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I read the directions (amazing isn't it??) for the CPAP mask.  I followed the steps.  I tightened the straps over the head.  When they did it, I had my wig on.  Then tightened the ones across the face.  That mask was plastered on my face - but it worked.  No squeaks nor fart sounds!  No blowing me across the bed.  It worked.  At its highest - I didn't realize it was there.  I thought it was still ramping!  But I still didn't sleep well.  Getting up early just about killing me!

We started the day taking the truck to have its oil changed.  That meant breakfast out.  Heaven.  Then we went to Life Group.  In addition to the "lesson," we made bags for the homeless that are begging on the street corners.  G said that for us they would have to be standing in the doorways of the medical center where we are going (feels like daily and some days twice a day).   We just don't go places where the homeless are .  Oh well.

Then we met Brian and family for lunch.  The restaurant we went to used to be delicious.  Today it was not good.

I chuckled to myself.  DIL is saying she wants to become a nurse anesthetist.  This girl doesn't have the brains to do that.  She had a hard time in high school, and she has started college before.  Money is on her getting pregnant with #4.  I don't know how she thinks she is going to go part time but thinks she can complete her BS (or BA) in nursing in 4 1/2 years.  Nope.

Then she will try to work for 2 years at one of the two county hospitals that are for the indigent.  G worked with them before he retired.  You have to have a lot of  patience with those folks, and Christina doesn't,  She went to a medical assistant school.  Worked in an office for a couple of days, and walked out.  No notice.   Nothing.

I really don't mean to sound so negative, but this girl/woman has been like this since I have known her!!


Judy said...

Oh, let her try college--she'll fail and maybe shut up about it. Or maybe not--because it won't be her fault?

Judy said...

I see you are also getting the East Orange, New Jersey whatever on your Feedjit. I don't think it's a real person. How can it be when it on your blog, mine and many other at the EXACT TIME?


I'm calling the company and have them take mine back.

Sally said...

So glad you have it working for you now, but not good about the sleeping problem.

I know someone like your DIL, and it drives me nuts. :)