Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My life has to slow down

I thought this round of doctor's appointments that fall about every 6 months would stop by now.  Nope!!

This week is just as full as the previous two when I was home - can't count the week at the SSB.  This week began with seeing the sleep doc on Monday.  Now I have to wait for the company to call me about the machine.  Yesterday was the eye puncture and PT.  I am so sore - we did new exercises that seemed so easy at the time.  Today was a funeral at church.  I didn't stay for the meal - there were women there and they were falling all over each other. But I pick up Katie from school at 2:30. Tomorrow cardio doc and Doppler of the carotids and PT.  Friday WAS going to be my free day, but G called the pool company to see about putting in an inline chlorinator.  Boo.  They will be here between 8 (!!!!) and 10.  And HE has a doctor's appointment.

The funeral was sad - as they all really are.  She and I were contemporaries.  Her cause of death was metastatic breast cancer.  Her battle was so very hard.  It mist have been more advanced when she discovered it.  Even though I have known her (not close friends - just kind of nodding acquaintances at church) after I left she became much more involved.  But as I learned today, our lives really paralleled one another a lot.  RIP Shirley.  You have no more pain.


Sally said...

Goodness gracious, Karen. No rest for you. And, I'm very sorry that Shirley passed away. I hope and pray you're doing okay; of course I really don't know where you are with breast cancer. But, I'm praying for you in all areas.


Grandma K said...

Sally I am doing well. It is 8 years, and I feel more and more hopeful. I have been put on close to a year re-call which is great but then again not so when I really would love to keep a closer eye on what's going on. The Oncologist checks the C27-29 levels in my blood which show if there is active tumor growth. My levels have been rising over the years, but are still well within limits, and he is not worried. So I guess I shouldn't, but once you have cancer you worry!!

Sally said...

Oh, I totally understand! I'll pray about this, you can be sure.



you have to learn how to say no..take better care of yourself and ask for you..