Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Praying hard!

I thought that what bothered me Saturday night and Sunday night was allergies.  I couldn't use the CPAP because it irritated my nose (particularly the left nostril).   I have been sneezing and my nose is just flowing - like an allergy.

I cancelled PT today.  I couldn't see me being able to do physical activity with this mess.  So when Krissi called me to pick up Katie at school I said sure.

I was talking to her about G saying I have a cold rather than allergies.  We talked more and she said none of her team was sick.  THEN she remembered, and so did I, that the girl who rode with us from the airport was sitting right behind me - hacking.

I am fervently praying because if G gets the cold, he will be impossible to live with.  Men don't do sick well, and he surely doesn't.  AND I will be trapped with him in the truck for 6 hours on the way to the SSB.  Geesh!

With all the itching of eyes, nose and ears, I am still hopeful for allergies.



only time I get sick is when I'm around the grands and the greats.

Jeanette said...

Hope he stays well!

Sally said...

I'm sorry. :(
Hope he doesn't get it also.